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[postmark: NEW YORK, N.Y. STA. G; DEC 10; 930 PM; 1907]

Miss Anne Whitney

535 Beacon Street


The Charlesgate

Mass -

[upper left, in pencil: 4][upper right corner, in pencil: [Dec. 10, 1907]]

New York

[printer letterhead: 4 West Fiftieth Street.]

Dear Miss Whitney

Your letter is too kind and charming - It warms my heart and makes a sunshine in this dreary, rainy weather - But it was not for this ray from you that I waited to send these magazines - Back numbers are not to be had for the asking, it seems - They have sometimes to be tracked to their hiding places - But here they are at length and may, I hope,

give you [deletion: some] an idea of some of our interests - The Song of the Latter Day was written mostly between midnights and dawns during the two or three busiest years of my husband's life, when he carried such a weight of responsibility that sleep often refused to visit him and he used to say that to write these verses helped him to slow down the momentum of the day - But he has never been able to give his best hours to his pen - There is a gift of music in his family and in him it has cropped out in this sweet little lyric cry which might have

been so much stronger if fate had turned a less stern and uncompromising face towards him -

How good you are to think of my coming to see you. Share your roof I must not, before proving myself a little to you, but come to Boston before the winter is over, I certainly mean to. It is to be a pilgrimage to see you, who have written a book which so closely reflects a great deal of my own experience of life and my own feeling and attitude toward life, that it is almost as if I had written it myself - if one can, without suspicion of mad egoism say such a thing - This future pilgrimage is also to include some lessons on the clavichord from Mr. Dolmetsch at the Chickering factory. Have you seen the wonderful new old instruments, the clavichord and harpsichord that they are making under his direction?

And I shall bring the picture of my friend Marian, and you shall see how much her face recalls the face of your friend -

We are so sorry to hear your eyes hurt you - Do be careful and don't strain them by writing a single word to her who will understand and be faithful just the same -

My husband joins me in every good wish for you -

Most warmly and sincerely yours

Antoinette Rotan Peterson

Dec. 10th

Letter from Antoinette Rotan Peterson, New York, New York, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1907 December 10



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