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[handwritten up left side in pencil: Dr. Johnson's vol][return address: After 5 days, return to VIDA DUTTON SCUDDER, Leighton Road, WELLESLEY, MASS.][embossed postage: red UNITED STATES 2 TWO CENTS 2][postmark: WELLESLEY MAR 4 7-PM 19 14 MASS.]

Miss Anne Whitney,

The Charlesgate,

Boston, Mass.

Wellesley, Mass.

March 2, 1914.

Beloved friend:-

When you charged me with purloining the first volume of Boswell, I felt as innocent as the babe unborn. But meditation in the night watches brought awful memories. I did have that volume; and I did lose that volume. A clear vision of how I lost it has risen up before me. Now, I am happy and thankful to say that the loss can be replaced. I have written to my publisher in New York, who collects old and rare books, and he assures me that there will be no difficulty in procuring one volume of that set, and in having it bound exactly to match. But-- he must have Volume II or Volume III in order to be sure of reproducing the binding. If you will let another one of the set pass through my most unworthy hands, I will get it the next time I come to town, which should be soon. I am in deep humiliation, which deepens as I reflect that for one sin which finds me out, there are doubtless a dozen hidden from my careless self. "Quidquid latet, apparebit," says the Dies Irae, a poem which Florence and I are memorizing for a Lenten exercise. I am thankful that this thing, at least, will not startle and waylay me at the Judgment Day.

I hope that all goes well with you and with dear Mrs. Dargan, and I am

Ever devotedly yours,



Letter from Vida Dutton Scudder, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, 1914 March 2



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