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[in pencil, vertically up left: Davida Scudder]

[Round Postmark: BOSTON MAR 19 2-30P 1904 MASS.] [Flag Postmark: BACK BAY STATION] [Red Washington Postage Stamp: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA POSTAGE TWO CENTS]

Miss Anne Whitney

The Charlesgate

Back Bay


[in pencil: [March 19, 1904]]

[up left, overlapping horizontal text: I am so glad to know thro' Florence that you are gaining rapidly & hope dear Miss Manning is growing stronger too.]


Dearest Miss Whitney:-

Mother says I shall not insult you and myself by sending you the untidy book of Shelburne photographs which I am mailing; and I'm fain to confess that they are disgraceful,- all daubed with paste, alas! and cut and mounted crooked, woe is me! - I never was neat. But its hard to mount photographs, - and

these carry a message of love from the dear valley and me even in all their crookedness! Let them amuse you half an hour, and then chuck them into the wastebasket.

Every day this week I have aimed at the pleasure of seeing you; and every day a large Committee has gobbled me up. Was there ever such a city as ours? - I am running a Union

Label League: and a C.A. I. L.; and a series of Leaflets for the C.S.A; and an Enterprise for Uplifting the Drama in Boston; and an Enterprise for the Extension of Art among the Masses. And when one Enterprise isn't "meeting" another is,- & friendship goes by default. This afternoon, I am to take some Italian friends to Denison House, there to hold a Conference

on the possibility of starting Club-work among the poor Italians near us there. If I finish in time, I hope to run in on you,- but fear we may talk long. This morning, I have among other things to write a long letter anent Trades-Unionism for use in a syndicate newspaper article. So wags my world, but its Love that makes it go round, really, and love is living warm for you in the heart of Your Davida -

[sidenote written over first page: I am so glad to know thro' Florence that you are gaining rapidly. I hope dear Miss Manning is growing stronger too.]

Letter from Vida Dutton Scudder, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1904 March 19



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