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[postmark: PLYMOUTH SEP 16 1-30 P 1907 MASS.]

[along left side in pencil: Olmstead]

Miss Anne Whitney


New Hampshire

[postmark: SHELBURNE, N.H. SEP 17 11 AM 1907 REC'D]

219 Court Street Plymouth Massachusetts September 16-07

Dear Miss Whitney

By this post I am sending you a package of 80 (or so) photographs taken by me at Shelburne- It would gratify me if you would allow me to give you all of them - or

If you do not particularly care for all, then if you would be kind enough to send them all back to me, marking each of those you do want. I will send you copies, having some of those enlarged which you might really want to look at more than once, perhaps you will mark

those you would like enlarged, also.

Then may I trouble you to have Mr & Mrs Farmer (?) mark with their initials (on the backs) those of which they will allow me to give them copies. Also Delia and the boy and man. And Mrs Converse - Tell Mrs Converse please that I think that that one of her in the group sitting about with you - would make a good picture if I had it

enlarged. I would like to give it to Miss Converse.

When you return the prints I shall show them to Mr & Mrs Stone and if they like any of these I shall give them "such"

The Thurbers also are to have sets from these.

I do not know whether I have made myself clear.

But in any case I beg you to send them all back to me that I may finally send you

a better and enlarged set - if you want them.

Mrs Knapp said that she enjoyed looking at these photographs. Now she can fairly well picture to herself your summer days.

We all want to see you here - Come to me if you will trust yourself to my housekeeping.

My father is more amusing to me than ever - Hugs "punkins"!

All your friends here I am sure would send messages to you, did they know that I am writing to you

Always yours

Marion Olmsted

Letter from Marion Olmsted, Plymouth, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Shelburne, New Hampshire, 1907 September 16



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