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[written up left side in pencil: L. C. Moulton]

[Red Washington Postage Stamp, on its side: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2 TWO CENTS 2] [Round postmark: BOSTON MAY 23 12-PM 19 06 MASS. ] [Flag Postal Cancellation Stamp: STATION - A - 2]

Miss Anne Whitney -

The Charlesgate -

Back Bay -


28, Rutland Square -

Boston, May 23 - [written in pencil at right: [1906]]

My dear, dear Friend -

I have this moment seen in to-night's transcript the death of Miss Manning. To think that only yesterday I was writing to congratulate you on her being (as you thought when you wrote) on the way to recovery. This end has come so suddenly . Oh I have no words to express to you the depth

of my sympathy. No one on earth knows what the loneliness of life means better than I do - and I never saw you and Miss Manning together that I did not long for such a companionship in my own life. There could be no tie more perfect. And now - oh the lonely days to come. God grant you some consolation - but [double underline]I know that nothing can console one for the loss of a life - friend such as she was.

Only that every moment is full of things that must be done before my sailing, and which I am too ill to struggle with, would keep me from coming to you to-morrow - but my deepest and most loving sympathy will be yours. Oh I can't begin to tell you how I feel. It seems awful, somehow, that I should have been sending her a message yesterday - when perhaps she had already gone . Yes - she had -

for I see she died on the 21rst - and that was the day before yesterday. Oh I can say nothing save that my heart is full of your sorrow, and I am

Yours most faithfully -

Louise Chandler Moulton.

Do forgive my letter written yesterday in utter ignorance.

Letter from Louise Chandler Moulton, Boston, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1906 May 23



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