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[printed letterhead: Address Mrs. Mary Morton Kehew, Green Meadow Farm, Ashland, Mass.]

Thursday [written in pencil 1906]

My thoughts have been with you dear Miss Whitney, often and often - , since I heard of your great loss. And I have only delayed this word of sympathy, because of "Doctor's orders," and some difficulty - with my eyes, which have made a doing-nothing of me - I know that words can say little of that

deep[deletion: er] realization, which comes to us, this separation, of the wonderful gift - of peace, purity & power which Miss Manning's life brought into the - world, for all, whose lives she touched - I have known, but never until now, really felt - what an inspiration, - her gentle simplicity - her lofty earnestness, the deep serenity of her life, will always be

to me - and I want to say to you her dearly beloved friend that my life is truer, broader, better, because of its contact with her sure personality - If there is loneliness for you in the future - I pray that the fulness and joy of this past may be a sustaining peace, to comfort & uplift you -

With deep sympathy

Yours sincerely Mary Morton Kehew

[written in pencil: Keep - M. M. Kehew]

Letter from Mary Morton Kimball Kehew, Ashland, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, 1906



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