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Tamworth, August 21, 1907

Dear Miss Whitney:

I enclose herewith for your acceptance some rather unsatisfactory prints from the films exposed during our happily remembered visit at Shelburne. I most regret the omission of the more distant peaks, or their reduction to mere spectres, in the view from the "Tab" and in the one taken just when your estate begins at its East End. They show in the film, but can only be got into the print by special treatment. Later I may be able to send something more adequate.

The statuesque picture of the chatelaine

in the scalped view of the Tab itself pleases me greatly. Enlarged some "diameters" (as can be done), it will give, I am sure, a very gratifying portrait. Pity that, in trying to shade the lens from the direct sun, my leaning destroyed the normal picturesque relation between lawn and tabernacle, giving too much grass and too little house!

Your letter of the 16th came duly, and we were glad to know that your friends are enjoying this glorious weather with you, and that the crops are safely and abundantly stored.

Mrs. Fay joins me in messages of kindest regard, with greetings also for Mrs. Converse.

Yours faithfully,

Charles E. Fay

Letter from Charles E. Fay, Tamworth, New Hampshire, to Anne Whitney, 1907 August 21



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