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[Red Washington Postage Stamp: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA POSTAGE TWO CENTS] [Round Postmark: CONCORD, MASS. MAR 23 7 - P 1908]

Miss Anne Whitney,

The Charlesgate,


Concord, March 23rd


Dear Miss Whitney,

You are very good to me. I think there must have been some reason that I looked badly that day - perhaps I was hungry; I always show that. I am really in pretty good condition, except that I have lately hurt my knee again. Since you don't believe in my going to the ranch, perhaps you will be glad

that my sister is beginning to weaken on that plan, and perhaps we shall not go. I thank you for these two attractive invitations I cannot answer that to Shelburne till my sister knows whether she is going to the ranch. And I never go away for Sundays, because I have a Sunday-School class. If you would like it I can come on a week day, say a Monday and spend the day, or a Thursday, or I could come on a Friday

night at 6.30 and spend Saturday till the 4 o'clock train. I should like to very much.


Ellen T. Emerson.

Letter from Ellen T. Emerson, Concord, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1908 March 23



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