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[postmark: CONCORD, MASS. FEB 23 [upside down: 7---P] 1906]

Miss A. A. Manning.

The Charlesgate,


[postmark on back of envelope: BOSTON MASS FEB 24 7-AM 1906]

[cancellation: FENWAY STATION]

Concord, 23 Feb. 1906.

My dear Addy,

It is a shame that I have behaved so; I am driven this week; have got up every morning with good hope of getting an hour at my writing-table (which was I knew in need of attention - there were several notes that should be answered-) and have pursued that hope unremittingly but vainly till inexorable bed-time when she vanished. Today I hoped for two hours, but this is my first moment and it is only half an hour before tea-time. Forgive my atrocious neglect of the kindest of notes. I wish

very much to see you and thank you for inviting me. The first time I can come to Boston I must go to the dentist, and when I get an appointment I will let you know, and will come as soon as I leave the chair to spend an hour or two with you, with gratitude and joy. I am very well; so is everyone else, but I am tied a little and ought to do twice as much as I can. I do not stay away from home over night this year. My cousins' wits are forsaking them, but they still know me and like to have me with them. I doubt whether they will know me in another year;

but there is the nurse also to consider. All my family, and I most, hope that you and Miss Whitney will venture to visit us when spring comes in spite of last year's experience. I am always on my feet - no crutches since last summer. I hope you and Miss Whitney are also well and unchanged. My love to her.


Ellen T. Emerson.

Letter from Ellen T. Emerson, Concord, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1906 February 23



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