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[Postmark: BOSTON NOV 7 11-AM 1908 MASS. BACK BAY STATION] [written up side in pencil: Mrs. Webster 19 Ash St. Cambridge Dr. E. Emerson]

Miss Whitney

The Charlesgate

535 Beacon Street


[partial postmark: MASS. NOV 7 4 PM FENWAY STA. 1908]

Concord, Nov. 6th, 1905 -

Dear Miss Whitney,

My sister Ellen bids me say, as she cannot write, that it had been her hope to come to the Charlesgate and call on you this week, but as she is in the doctors' hands she has had to give it up, and it is unlikely that she can go about for some time. She

She had promised to visit our niece Edith Forbes Webster in Cambridge and went there a few days ago. Since then by the doctors advice she has been put to bed for where not and has a good nurse to take care of her. It is not yet clear even to Dr. Shattuck what the whole trouble is, but we are hoping that good care will remove her discomforts and

sends her love and her regrets.

You probably know that her health had been very poor this summer, yet after coming to visit us in October she seemed to gain in vigor, in appetite and colour, and to sleep better in the night, and less by day But in the last fortnight there has been a sudden access and increase of a group of symptoms hard to explain and causing much discomfort.

restore her to such activity as she should properly undertake at her age.

She has had too much care, and has expected to faithfully attend to as many and as varied duties as if she were half her age.

Her address for the present is Care of Mrs. K.G.T. Webster, 19 Ash St Cambridge.

Sincerely yours

Edward W. Emerson

Letter from Edward Waldo Emerson, Concord, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1908 November 6



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