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Aug 7 th - [in pencil: [1911?]]

Dearest, there is a French book - a little papr covered volume of James' [deletion: essa] lectures on art, in the Tab- which you will not care to read again, and which I want very much. Will you send it to me? Its

old place was on the lowest shelf at the left as one entered from the piazza.

Don't trouble yourself with a search if it is not easily found, for it is possible that I may have taken it to the Charlesgate myself, though at present my mind is a blank as

regards such a procedure. [deletion: Hily] Highly impertinent, to say the least. But if I did, perhaps you will look it up in the fall and send it to me.

If it is at The Charlesgate it is doubtless in my room, but I think you will find it on

its proper [deletion: place at] shelf in the Tab.

Your Olive

Letter from Olive Tilford Dargan, to Anne Whitney, 1911 August 7



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