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Tuesday - [in pencil: 21 Oct. 84]

A letter from Mrs. Livermore today says that her only play-day this week is Sat. For - that she is going to N.Y. Phila. & Baltimore & will not get back until friday -

That was a very curious accident - that befell you - & must have been a severe one in its way to make it necessary for you to keep house. I hope you are relieved - Perhaps by Sat. you

will be able to come up & we will lunch together with what help of Mrs. L. or other stranger in our borders we can get.

What you say of Mr. Atkinson makes me doubt if H. Martineau's brother was far wrong in his xpression of astonishmnt & wrath that his sister should put herself under tutelage of such a man. He may be straight as to morals but for his intellect - good luck! or otherwise what a hopeless surrender

to the logical faculty, leaving the man only half a man - devoid of common sense - devoid of perception!

Mrs. L says she is not working for Blaine - she only thinks him better for prest- than Cleavland! - As if we had to arrange & order all this - or as if we had anything to do than to deep our hands from pitch . If 4 years of one or the

other were general destruction & overthrow the case would be dift-

The birth-day went off very happily - Telegrams & letters & flowers & gifts of divers kinds poured in & kept our mother very bright & interested all day - She was well before & has been so since. Edward's energetic responses to reporters who asked if there were objections to a sketch being made about the business - kept it out of the newspapers - no invitations were given - & what occurred was wholly spontaneous. My mother could not but remember you & when I gave your message & said you know Mrs. C. she replied of course - you mean yr friend -

Good night & let me know if the threat comes nigher - Adeline sends love -

Always your's


Letter from Anne Whitney, to Maria Weston Chapman, 1884 October 21



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