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Oct. 14 -/84

I receive with joy the announcement that you will spend a week with us before long. My friend - This week I am engaged in diverse ways & fear that if you should happen in I might [deletion: not] miss of you some way. Tomorrow I go to Belmont & to Camb. the latter to do honor to French's invitation to Sanders Theater. One

day I want to go to Lexington another to J. Plain & so on - with comings & goings of friends from N.Y. & Vermont. Now what if I name next week [deletion: Thrusday]Tuesday for your coming - & then we will try to arrange for the visit? If this day is not the one that will "convene" you let me know - & we will agree upon another. Or rather tell me what day you can leave your affairs.

Our friend William Lambert was led by Miss Reed of Camb. to the altar today - I did not feel as if I would have gone from here as far as Camb. to see Adam united to Eve - so stayed at home - The change of temperature is trying.

I will deliver your kind message to my mother tomorrow - She has been for the past few days remarkably well & hearty. Last Sunday when I saw her she seemed somewhat lost in thought - & xpressed herself as awe-stricken

before her hundred years. My sister Margaret who spent last night here says there is at St. Albans a relative of Sir Moses Montefiore who (the latter) also finishes his century this month.

I look forward to your coming & backward to the times when you have come in the last 6 years - & think my life is very good - all my life - but I fear too there is a strong strain of selfhood (isn't that the word the latter-day people use?) in me. Well I dont think I have ever done anything worth taking up into the general work of the Future -

Your - Thine always

Burn always -

Letter from Anne Whitney, to Maria Weston Chapman, 1884 October 14



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