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[written in pencil at upper left: [AW to MWC]] [written in pencil at upper right: [early1882?]]

Tuesday P.M.

Yes - my friend I have been thinking it over & I pardon your informality - pardon your neglect of etiquette - your - & your - must I xplain? After the arrangement was made - The compact talked over - signed & sealed - to offer no reason

forfalling off[deletion: out] - & deliberately breaking it - to write me not that you cannot come & stay as usual - but that you are going to do something else! Isn't this a Bohemianism of the wildest sort? To find you committing this thing - now that you have passed middle age - you

whom I have always regarded as a calculable force - something reliable in the midst of earthquakes!- Be it so - do that something else - take a train I think you said - when I had arranged a little pleasure for you - Thinking you would like so see - & she you - Ole Bull's wife &

hear her play the Norwegian airs that Ole carried [deletion: a]round the world - Yes - I especially asked her on Wednesday because you would be here on Wednesday - Yes - I repeat - I forgive you - as a Christian Don't misunderstand me - I mean that I as a Christian forgive you your unchristian act. The flowers you sent are not yet cremated - beautiful roses that speak of firm

[written up center fold: faith & soothfast friendship Farewell till tomorrow, A.W.]

[Newspaper clipping] East Weymouth and Weymouth, 7.30, 11.00 AM; 2.30, 3.50, 5.30, 6.25 PM. Return, East Weymouth, 7.08, 7.59, 10.20 AM: 1.16, 4.32, 6.05 PM. Return, Weymouth, 7.18, 8.08, 10.28 AM: 1.25, 4.41, 6.17 PM.

Letter from Anne Whitney, to Maria Weston Chapman, 1882



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