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[written in pencil at upper left: [Belmont]] [written in pencil at upper right: [1879]]

April 27 - has been one of the rare days of this month - I enjoyed the 3 short drives I had - the reading to my mother a sermon of Mr. Chadwick about the Pilgrim's progress from a dreamy & fruitless other-worldliness to a joyous & well-considered this-worldliness - enjoyed my ramble about the farm & especially the loitering in the pine-grove on the lawn & listening to the ever-swelling & subsiding music in their branches - This sound is to me a sort

of psalm of life - It seems, [deletion: to] like all proper things that come to eye or ear, to bring together the ends of earth & time & fuse one's importunate individuality into the solemn unity which we can call by no other name than God & The Divine. How the new Psychologists name these feelings matters not - They are no less real - however they have come - & that is - which xists was. I thought of you under the pines my dear sweet friend

& wished you had been there too.

You kept back that interesting letter & in the meanwhile wrote me two others - Do you sometimes write & not send at all? How can you say that my strength is taxed to read & so you must forbear? - You jest - I get no better recreation than intercourse with friends - Besides I think you labor under a mistake with regards my work - I am not so spent & drained as you imagine - not so absorbed - what a predicament should I be in - of all the usual

[illegible: supports?] of life - the mental diversions - affections that hold the heart up - communions & gossip should ebb away & leave me high & dry on the forlorn pinacles of Art! Gods! I would rather lie in the shallows & be washed out to sea -

I saw somewhere, today without reading it a paragraph to the effect that a letter of H.M. about Mrs. Jameson was to be suppressed in future editions of her autobiogy - It means perhaps that the offending remark we talked over is to be xpunged - I hope it is - It is true what you say - in effect - that life has claims over & above

any debt of silence to the Dead. - but when it is a question of giving publicity to some one-sided remark which however put in its proper relations is false in a high light & unsubordinated - we may well pause & consider in what way eternal principles are best served.

- A sense of injustice may warp & even ruin the character of its victim - & one setting up for Rhadamanthus may have all his honesty - but is not likely to have - being human cannot have -

his omniscience - & so practically will subvert the ends of his [deletion: [illegible]] office. There is no human sight - that can compete with that fabled blindness of Justice - which means Law - gathering its threads from all the four quarters of the universe - We need not meddle much - but being as careful to find good where we hate as evil where we love we shall escape wounding by our recognized consecration of Truth - It is because we are rigid & partial

that men resist & hate. If we could [deletion: [illegible]] take on the fluency of Law & Time - there is no censure the world would not take kindly - & so I believe it is not because omniscience is omnipotent that its judgment would not offend, but because we know that seen in the round we are seen truly - . Mrs Jameson! - & hence these platitudes -


Tuesday evng.

I meant you should have this

today - but there was something more to be added - Addy is pleased with your gentle remembrance of her - sends love - & awaits with grateful anticipation her clay gods -

What was I going to say? Never mind -

Have you read [Hamertons] life of Turner? It is a lovely book I imagine from [deletion: [illegible]]every now & then xtracts Addy favors me with as she reads - Is it a year since I knew you? - or more or always -


[sidenote] This is abominable paper - ink too - & pen 3 -

& as regards H.M. & Mrs. J. I know what you will answer - & might answer myself - still as to speaking truth about persons - it seems to me the integrity of everything in the

world depends upon certain relations & conditions

being maintained - So in these matters - as to Time and place [deletion: [illegible]]

Letter from Anne Whitney, to Maria Weston Chapman, 1879 April 27



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