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Chilmark, Mass.

Aug. 29, 1913

Dear Miss Whitney:

You must be wondering what has become of the sketch of Mrs. Dargan which the New York Evening Post promised to take. Miss Caroline Reilly is with me here, and she has read the biographical notes which Mrs. Dargan herself wrote - a beautiful thing - but she says she needs something

more, and she wishes that she could "interview" Mrs. Dargan. No doubt we shall be able to gather some more material; and she (Miss Reilly) says the sketch will do more good in September than in August. I wanted you to know that we have not forgotten about it.

Paul Kellogg has not yet brought out his essay in The Survey: I am watching for it.

You say

Mrs. Dargan has spoken of my "generosity" to her. This must refer to some money I sent her just before my operation. She had spoken of feeling quite ill, and I was afraid she was going to be laid up with out the wherewithal for doctors & nurses. And it seemed quite uncertain whether I should have any further use for money - as there was no telling beforehand how my operation would go - but all is well that ends well; and I am glad that she seems

[handwritten in pencil: [Aug 31.]]

now to have no need of nurse or doctor, the air is doing her so much good in this new place. Though I fear she gives the rosiest view of her health that she conscientiously can, in writing to me. She hates to make us anxious.

I wish you would drop me a post card now & then to say how you are. My mind often turns to you, and I wonder whether the trouble is quieting down or giving you a lot of pain. It is too bad that you should have this form of affliction. Indeed, I don't see why we were made with appendices! Always yours affectionately, Alice S. Blackwell

Letter from Alice Stone Blackwell, Chilmark, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, 1913 August 29



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