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Dorchester, Mass.

May 30, 1913

Dear Miss Whitney:

Mrs. Dargan sent me for Mr. Kellogg a brief printed slip, which she says has been widely published, & which she supposes that Scribner's sent out. Most likely you have seen it. I enclose a copy, on the chance that you

may not.

In regard to the [deletion: rem] remark about her husband's pedigree, if it appears at all in the Survey, it will appear as Mr. Kellogg's remark, not as hers - and since he was merely to select from the information furnished him such items as he chose, it is very likely that he may not think that point

of enough interest to mention it. We don't think so much of pedigrees as the Southerners do. But, since they do, and since [deletion: the] our object at present is to sell her book, and since the people South of Mason & [deletion: Dixie] Dixon's line may think a little more of it & [deletion: if] of her if they know that she has a blue-blooded

husband & is allied by marriage with all the F. F.V.'s & the aristocracy, I should not myself feel at all worried if Mr. Kellogg in his article mentioned the fact. Most likely he wont, but if he does it will do no harm & may even do a little good. Of course, to persons of common sense, her own qualities of mind & heart ennoble her more than any number of pedigrees could do!

Yours always affectionately,

Alice Stone Blackwell

Letter from Alice Stone Blackwell, Dorchester, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, 1913 May 30



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