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3 Monadnock st.,Dorchester,Mass,, April 26,1913.

Dear Miss Whitney:-

This morning The Survey sent back the little review of The Mortal Gods which I had sent to it, and my heart sank; but when I came to read Mr. Kellogg's letter,I was delighted. He is the editor of the Survey. He writes:

"It seemed to me that Mrs. Dargan's work was enough in our field and distinctive enough so that we might well have an article on all of her plays - similar to an article which we had in the fall on Giovannitti and one which we are publishing this week on the East Side Jewish poet.

"With this in view I purchased copies of her earlier books and got a review copy of "The Mortal Gods." So far I have been able to go through about half of the plays. But I would be very glad indeed to resign in your favor in the matter if you would be willing to write the longer article for us - say 1000 to 1500 words of text and two to 3000 words of quotations, perhaps 4000 words in all.

"I feel this would be an especially happy outcome in view of the fact that she wrote "The Shepard" at your house, if I remember rightly, and you could weave into the review some the really picturesque incidents in her career. I suppose the sooner it were done, the better for the book. We could perhaps handle it in our July or August magazine numbers. Will you let me know?"

I shall write Mr. Kellogg that it will be best for him to do

[at top of page: [2. ]]

it. He will write something fresh, and it will do him good to read her books. Anything that I might write would be a re-hash of what I have written already. But it will be a good idea for me to supply him with any biographical points that I properly can. I shall rub up all I can remember, and send her an outline of it for correction, addition or expurgation.As they will not have room for it until their July number, there is time enough.

The Survey was the organ of the Organized Charities in New York until recently. A great many intelligent and influential people are interested in it, and it will be fine to have the Survey [deletion: to] devote a good sized article to Mrs. Dargan's plays.

Yours always affectionately, [signed] Alice Stone Blackwell

P.S. Please excuse a dictated letter. This morning I was rushed, and I wanted to send you the good news in time for you to get it tonight.

[centered on page, handwritten: [Survey & Dargan's plays]]

Letter from Alice Stone Blackwell, Dorchester, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1913 April 26



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