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Miss Anne Whitney


New Hampshire

[postmark: [ROCKPORT MASS PIGEON COVE STA. SEP 6 4 PM 1911]]

[postage stamp: [U.S.POSTAGE TWO CENTS]]

[written vertically at left side: [Bartol Dargen's plays]]

Pigeon Cove Mass.

September 6, 1911

Dear Friend. I have had it in my heart & on the tip of my tongue to write for these past days; for I have just begun to really make my own, the beauty & the wisdom, yes & the [deletion: right eousness]righteousness of Mrs Dargan's Plays

It probably doesn't seem to you that there is any difficulty in entering the paths she opens; & indeed they lead into

great high ways. To me, it was not until I had entered with some determination that I was led on; I think the form of drama & the length of a play discourages the inexpert. But I do want to say to you, since I cannot say to her, how very fine & high & beautiful her work seems. I have not read all - by no means; & I find the volume 'Semiramis' easier for my comprehension, so far. And

Carlotta whose world history has so long been familiar the greatest of all.

I say greatest, simply because I more easily live along with it. And The 'Shepherd' is in a way the highest - touches the noblest & most Christ like note. I am no critic & I cannot pick out beauties specially so with a pen! but I am a lover & have always been, & love recognizes love - is it not so?

To entirely change the subject - You were interested enough in Mrs Dall's

continued existence to ask about her; I enclose letters received yesterday. Do not return it: I have answered it as she wishes. Poor old soul she is a legacy from my mother to me, & I can not cast her out; besides she does suffer no doubt.

With dear love always & from all of us

Yours EHB

I forgot to say 'art' - that so much abused word - but art it is (Mrs Dargan's I mean!!) & with three capitals ART

Letter from Elizabeth H. Bartol, Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Shelburne, New Hampshire, 1911 September 6



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