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Marblehead Neck

July 6. / 07 -

I wonder if you would like the sea here today dear AW - I do - It is a misty rainy day & the tide is low, but I have been walking up & down the piazza on its sheltered side & watching the low curving lines of foam follow each other up the shallow beach leaving more & more of low sea-weedy rock exposed - just a gentle lap of the water all the time - A real New England sea-side day! Do they have such I wonder on the shores of the Mediter[deletion: r]anean? And where are you? How I want to hear from your own pen of your Roman life & what news of art there are! - Nothing new or strange has happened to me - some work in the little room where the grapes were blossoming sweet again & the caterpillars eating the leaves too I am sorry to say. When I came away - We have left the place shut up for the summer. Father enjoys the large room thoroughly & it is a refuge to him from all the noise & cares of the house - So I spare it willingly & find the little room very pleasant even with the strong heat.

Lizzy G. has been there with me part of the spring & early summer. She & her mother are boarding at South Boston Point, where they hope to gain health and strength, which they both need. They are very pleasantly situated opposite Fort Independence & with a lovely view of the harbor out of their windows - more sea air that they could find else-where so near the city. Lizzy hasn't be either doing or selling much this Spring - anything I might almost say. Picture-selling is very dull - Mr Dole gets almost discouraged sometimes & I haven't had an opportunity to sell my Lady Godiva yet; I showed it once to Dr. Labrot who was very anxious to see it, but I couldn't make a trade with him. I have been trying a little sketch in color of their baby who is a beauty; I hoped to finish it before I came away, but was too hurried at least & had to leave it. This is a new place to us. & I haven't got to work yet & hardly acclimated - Mother doesn't fancy it much, but I begin to like it - There is nothing but sea - we are almost entirely separated from the main land; there is a light house & one other house upon the point & various shelters & tents where the sensible poor spend their summer - There are almost no trees but lots of wild roses among the rocks & lots of well-cultivated farm land. We have our boat of course & mean to get all we can out of it.

But such days as this there is little to do out-side & I got to thinking across the water that washes up so constantly in our sight - I saw Mr Chadwick over in town yesterday; he was a Marblehead boy I believe; he spoke of Miss Manning with interest & said she was having a good time, which I can readily believe - Will you give my warm love to her? - & my best wishes too - I hope she is finding just what she wants in the way of work. I saw your brother Edward just before we came away; he, dear good man, was interesting himself in Mrs O'Connel's boy who has gotten into the House of Industry for stealing, much to his mother's grief - he wrote a petition for his release, & took all sorts of troubles about it. - The enclosed paragraph was handed to me by Mrs Fields some weeks ago to send to you. I dare say you may have already seen it - we expect her & Mr[deletion: s] F. here in a week or two; meanwhile it is rather lonely in the house - only two other boarders - a Catholic Bishop from Canada & a little woman with a sick baby & today Father has gone to Lancaster for Sunday - When you have time & inclination you know how glad I shall be to have a word from you; You will have so much more to tell me than I can have to tell you. - Tell me what you are doing - that I care most for, & how you like Rome & Romans! - Yours with a great deal of love, Lizzy H Bartol

My safest address is Boston - everything is forwarded

Letter from Elizabeth H. Bartol, Marblehead Neck, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, 1907 July 6



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