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[in other had: 10 AW to SWW Shelburne] Sunday, Sept 13. [in other hand: 1885]

Yours of Thursday came Friday evng. you speak of the cold, which I infer is much sharper with you than with us. The nights are cool + we have fires pretty regularly in the mornings + evenings. but for the last 2 mornings have not needed one. This is the 4th day of unparallelled loveliness, I was going to write to Carry to drop up if she could for a few days, but the morning has gone I know not - or I do know how - + there is not time. But tell her we were wishing as we strolled along the wayside this A.M. that she had been here. Doesn't she feel like coming?

Addy is xpecting to go down next Thursday, should arrive in Boston (I think) from 5 to 6, will spend

the night at 92 + go on to N.Y the next day at noon, where she hopes to get her fall visit made in good part before I go down. For me nothing can be better than this that I have. I am as well as I can be. + in Paradise so far as xternals go. Perhaps you will like to go to town on Thurs. P.M. + spend the night. Ade thinks you may put yourself out to do it + for this reason doubts whether I should propose the matter to you, but you can act as you see fit. I will write to Garibaldi today to take the gate + back door keys ^Thursday A.M. to the back-office in Willow st. corner of Acorn - to be called for - I hope by tomorrow to hear from Elizabeth [illegible]. Annie will probably be in Boston some of that already there, (she will go to the house of

a relative ^to stay until she has definite instructions, which I cannot give until I hear from Elizabeth.

Yes, we are much interested in the yacht race, but one thing at this moment interests me more - + that is the subject of fire insurance. New Hamp. has passed certain laws which have raised the ire of Mass Insurce companies + they + other companies have withdrawn from N.H. I do not see however that they can be otherwise than responsible for insurance already pledged by them. I suppose there is no danger, but it may be well to inquire.

Adeline is solicitous that I should have the statue of Leif insured. if it doesn't cost too much I will do so perhaps. There are ^such things as mutual fire ins. comps in which dividends are sometimes equal to or more than xpense of premiums. I dont see why one shd. not avail oneself of such.

The [illegible: Clercey] went long ago.

+ Mrs. Gates has now a better looking lot of boarders than I have seen there at all in any year.

I want to write a word to James to go by tonight's mail. + so with assurance that all is well + hopeful I close for this time.

With love to mother + joy to you all I am yours always

Letter from Anne Whitney, Shelburne, New Hampshire, to Sarah Whitney, 1885 September 13



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