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[postmark: SHELBURNE NH JUL 28 1884]

Sarah W. Whitney

Care of Whitney Pousland & Co.


Shelburne - 27 July - 84

My dear Sarah -- I have been out all the morning to see what things had been done + what remains to do. with a result of general satisfactionness all specials I reserve for time of meeting -

Our plantations of last Aug. have done well when it is considered what a season of drought [writer changed to pencil] it was. (we have but one inkstand) The barn is really not finished - partly because the carpenter gave out + partly because [illegible] wants to build a shed the length of the barn on the north side

where it is not yet clapboarded. His plan seems to me a good one + as he means to dogive all the work + the cost "of material" will not be much more than to clapboard what remains I think I shall let him do it.

The river is fuller by nearly a foot than last year + in fording last night (5 ' oclock) the water filled the bottom of the vehicles. I asked Sarah who with Whitman proceded as if her clothes were ywet - [illegible] O Yes Ma'm she said - but I don't mind that so long as we didnt get drowned. We shall not venture the ford again during this state of things.

The air as usual is of unsurpassed purity. As soon as we I have really cast Boston I shall be in a way to improve to the eye.

I hope Mrs. [Bir'] did not fail to present herself at the station with the basket & Maria in it. Poor Maria! She has been used to have a little box of earth in the ^back basement & she is scrupulously neat in her habits. If she is not indulged in this refinement of Civilization I will not answer for her manners.

Let me hear from you soon. Give love to mother whose arm I trust is no longer painful.

Mrs. Gates is so filled that she has room for no more boarders. Addy applied for 2 friends from Boston this Am. This is a satisfactory change from summer bef. last.

Dinner is ready.

Blessing & farewell.

Letter from Anne Whitney, Shelburne, New Hampshire, to Sarah Whitney, 1884 July 27



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