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[in pencil top left - To S.W.W.] [in pencil top right - June 22, 1873]

Brooklyn, Sunday A.M.

I think you find this morning cool enough for comfort - it is good. Yesterday also was none too warm here - the day bef. there was wind enough + shoals of sand in the air - a day that riled everybody's temper. I went with James + wife up to Central Park + had pleasure in a brief view of the bronze Shakespeare wh. I repeated in a visit to Mr. Ward yesterday seeing the plaster model along with his other models.

Tomorrow morning we start for Washington. I trust my dear Sarah you are all right + wish that I might hear from you bef. we go on - but think it doubtful as we leave here [cross out] at 7 1/2 AM.

The Gromwell is in + we look for Chad Raslett every

moment. A letter from Eleanor the other day bespoke attention whom - to enable him to take a fresh start for home. Helen Cook is or will soon be in N.Y.

Mary Raslett was to be in Boston at this time + to be heard from as Mr. Osgood's an auctioneer whom Edwd perhaps knows about. Eleanor wd like to have her discovered + go out to Belmont.

Miss E. Bridges is below + I am to dine at Mrs. Manning's + am not yet dressed. So - if I leave the rest to be told when we meet only declare my general good health + freedom from xcess of hay-cold - no one could hope wholly to escape with such cutting sand blasts as we have had - you will not blame.

Best love to mother + the rest - + keep well. I find all well here.

Yr. A

Anything but a steel pen!

Monday morning We have had a night of rain - + I hope we start in rain - + I don't care if we continue in rain to the end that is until we return. No headaches - + much refreshed by the rest + cloud of yesterday. Trust you are well my dearest Sarah + have got over the effects of that hot Thurs. Don't forget to speak about the little Raslett. Chs arrived last afternoon.

Letter from Anne Whitney, Brooklyn, New York, to Sarah Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1873 June 22



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