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[inserted in pencil: #12] Belmont Sunday [inserted in pencil: Feb] 17 - / 67 -

This P.M, Addy, we drove to W. Newton where I [overwritten: we] made some farewell calls - & returning stopped at the Shannons. They will start for N.Y. Thurs A.M - if there shd. be a snowstorm! Otherwise will go Friday - Edwd ridicules the idea of any detention so I suppose I shall go also on Friday - I do not yet know how I shall manage with my trunk - but hope that James can meet me - The Maries thank you for yr invitation cordially, but prefer going to a hotel in order that some friends in N.Y. may call on them - Sarah decidedly will not go on with me - I think it wd. be harder for her - if she has anything to bear she wd. rather have it in the quiet of home - Seeing how she felt about it I did not urge the matter - tho it struck me as it did you & I wish she might feel differently -

It seems to me a mistake to carry money with you - The

freedom from care & risk is worth more than the commission -

Our poor Fidelia! she wants so much to go & it wd. be so good if she cd. make a fortunate auction sell! but will she be able to do so? I am much afraid of disappointment - delightful as it might be to have her go. I think her mistaken in feeling that she will never again have such an opportunity - The best opportunity is in great part made by sufficient means & I fear she will be too much cramped. She will have to bring all her resources to bear. & I wd. not have her troubled by a thought of the future - yet wdn't it be good if she cd. compass it - deeming it worth some sacrifice?

We had an xcellent club meeting last Thurs. evng. & are to have one here next this week Thurs. weather permitting -

Mer. of Venice -

Dr. Brimstill died suddenly of rupture of a blood - vessel in the chest - 2 days ago - As physician how much he will be missed!- It was a comfort to know that he was in the neighborhood - & I do not know who can make his place good -

I send you the width of the rollers -

You are well my beloved I trust - has the cold gone? I will send you word when to look for me xactly - meantime love to all - & all love to you - Sarah's also,

Letter from Anne Whitney, Belmont, Massachusetts, to Adeline Manning, 1867 February 17



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