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[partial postmark: NEW YO APR 3]

Mrs. Nathaniel R. Whitney



Brooklyn Apr. 3d 61

My dear Mother,

Failing this morn'g to get this assurance of my safe arrival, I trust you have taken it for granted. I reached N.Y. in due time in a driving snowstorm but had no difficulty in finding an omnibus in wh. I rode to James' office & finding that he had left for Orange but a few minutes before, I preferred to take the known path to Brooklyn than to run the risk of missing him in the crowded boats & cars of Jersey. Mrs E & some of the younger children were the only persons at home. Taking Mamy I started on Tuesday A.M. at 1/2 past 7 for Orange & reached in season for the service wh was appointed at 10. I had been expected, & all were glad that I had not delayed my coming, as the storm [cross-out] had prevented the arrival of the boats. Beside, a quiet night in bed was a better preparation for the day's fatigue & excitement. As Anne wished to be here today preparatory to her return with Edw'd on Thurs. night & James, Mary & Edwd were with M'gt I concluded to remain with her, & shall go out to Orange this P.M. & to stay a longer or shorter time as I find best.

Marg't has anticipated this termination of John's disease & meets it with calmness.

Some change in her manner of living will have to be made but what, has not of course been determined. Eddie & Frank or the twins I sh'd like to take home with me - but I do not yet know that M'g't w'd be willing to part with them. Edwd & Anne will soon be with you & can tell you more than I now know.

Hoping soon to hear a good report of home I am dear Mother with much love to father & Carrie Yr affectionate daughter Sarah.

1 oclock Edwd has come over for me, bringing Carrie's - for wh. please return many thanks - & ask, if she writes again as I hope she will, to direct to the [illegible] as in past times. Otherwise , letters are thrown into the general delivery & may fail of reaching us. E still thinks he shall leave tomorrow but Anne may stay a day or two longer & come on with her friend Mrs Putnam.

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Brooklyn, New York, to Sarah Stone Whitney, Belmont, Massachusetts, 1861 April 3



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