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[partial postmark: BELMONT MAY]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care Messrs. Manning & Squier

New York.

Yr prayer dearest for the photographs cannot be immediately answered - but the all's well may be uttered tonight + in proof thereof, I inform you that father has been spending the day with Marg't in Framingham, mother has been busy in + out of the house all day long, visiting with Aunt Lizzie the deer + ducks on Mr Cushing's place in the morn'g + attending the soldiers sewing meeting in the P.M. Edwd dined at home at 1 oclock + expected to be in Washington at 10 tomorrow morn'g - the children are happy + Kate faithful + puss unwashed. Showers + sunshine have done their best to beautify us since you left + I feel that it is time for me to do my part. I shall seek a helper on the hill in the course of a day or two. Tomorrow I am to go to Boston with M. to seek relief for her murdered feet at the hands of a Chiropedist + get if they are done the cards, + call upon yr friend N.D. Whitney + do

what else time + strength allow + pleasure suggests. Sunday Carrie + I took the boys + two Barnards to the waterfall. It was very lovely + did us good - but I was sorry to miss thereby most of a long call from Katie + Mr L. We are in daily expectation since of a summons to Newburyport the May flower however must come to us this year. I gathered in great haste this A.M. some bloodroot for Mary but lost with all my hurry the chance to take it to her. It came however tonight when I went to the depot for father + M. Poor Mary! Bloodroot + Passion flowers symbolize all her life in the spring time. I found her in the depths of sadness at the death of Mr Lombard, "her second father" her "nephew dearly beloved." Her mother too has been very ill since we saw her - so much so on Fri night (I think it was) that Mary did not undress. On the same night the rest of the family consisting of 4 or 5 persons were actively employed in saving from

death a friend from Phil. who came to testify in the impending trial. All this will give emphasis if any be needed to Mary's message that "if you do not hear from her it will not be for want of love." I cannot help her in her agony - you can + will.

Perhaps you will see Edw'd before I do + learn what took him off so suddenly - trading with Government I suppose. Mrs Barnard heard Mr Phillips on Sunday. If you hear the same lecture in B - you will learn that if McLellan is to be the next Priest it will not be through Mr P's vote. I don't believe Peace has dawned yet - certainly not the peace wh is to endure - the fire has not yet purified this people - the Boston Courier still lives.

That I may gather Sanguinaria for Mrs Parker + Miss Ryan before breakfast it behooves me to go to bed now. Give a great deal of love to the Manning household + the Whitney also. I am anxious to hear that James is free from cough + other

wise well.

Margt proposes to return on Thurs. If the pictures are ready + satisfactory I will send some by her. Tell Addy I love her, but my promise was a conditional one. If the artist is not flattered, she will not expect a picture. If I can find any one to agree with me in my estimate of the one ordered she shall have it - curtailed perhaps after yr method. I wish you had sent me word what plants I promised A. + have not sent.

Very lovingly Sarah

Tues. night May 6th

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, New York, 1862 May 6



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