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[left side paper imprint Union eagle] [postmark: BOSTON MASS MAY 12] [right side stamp B?]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care Messrs. Manning & Squier

New York

[1862 in pencil upper left corner]

Wed evng May 7th

As there is a possibility my beloved Anne that the letter I wrote last night may not reach you until Fri. night I avail myself of Margt's departure to send another word. We have had no paper today but have heard through Mr Colburn this evng of a still retreating foe - that is well + today I have heard no ill among our friends. I went to Boston with M'g't but was so detained examining photographs + waiting on the Chiropedist that half my purpose in going was frustrated. I called at Mr Whitney's but c'ld not wait for the busily employed clerks to hunt up the key whose number I c'ld not tell them. The room is probably uncalled for. I will try to go again on Sat. But part of the pictures were done + of these M'g't has taken her choice + with them I have sent two sets beside to be distributed as you see fit + as James + Addy desire. Mine, I am convinced are very poor, but I have given myself up as a bad subject + after being bled three dollars wroth have no vanity

nor false shame left + don't care what becomes of the things. Friends like Mrs. Barnard who see no likeness, or like Carrie who declare them dreadful, will not fill their albums at my expense unless they follow up the suggestion renewed today of getting the crayon photographed. I am [cross out] informed that "it will make a prettier picture" + I suspect those who want to compliment me without disgracing their albums will talk me into it. The crayon is already promoted to the broad daylight of mother's room + I am gazing into a belief that it is my possibility. I will give Addy the best copy that is made of it. Father + Mgt. brought home some good photograps of Uncle Simon. I want as good a one of Edw'd + feel that it must be one of my first efforts after his return to procure one. I am tired of the cards except as copies of perfect large pictures. Southworth's daguerreotypes + Whipples photographs as I have seen them in times past seem to me the most desirable "counterfeit presentments" of ones friends next to a fine crayon. The clock has struck 11 - a loving good night from yr Sarah

Lucy Chase if I read the handwriting rightly needs instruction in the geography of this region. Give from me some of the good night kisses with wh you invest Addy - + love to Mrs. M + Sarah. Does not S go to her aunt? I wish you wl'd go with James to Lewis [cross out] get some good vignettes of both of you.

As you bought this paper my dear Anne, it is but fair that you have yr share of the annoyance wh comes of its use. On this blustering Sat. P.M. when my equanimity is too much disturbed for any useful occupation, by a trip to Boston, I wil recount the part yr affairs have had in it. Satisfactory you will pronounce it when I tell you that the room still stands + looks out upon a common one week more beautiful I suppose than when you saw it. Very pleasant it is, but not so new or so low as I expected to find it. It is to my eye an old house with new trimmings - perhaps as neat + comfortable as many a newer one. It is up two flights of stairs, but I suppose you can hardly expect one on a lower flight. I only speak of this because you told me + possibly believed that it was in the 2nd story. Mr Whitney understood that if he did not hear from you by the 15th he was to consider it engaged to you. If he is wrong, he w'ld like to be set right

immediately. "To Let" on another room a little farther down on Winter St + on the 1st house in West St next to Fremont attracted my eye + looked promising outside but I did not feel authorised to make inquiries.

Sun. night. I do not know whether a letter will find you, but feel that I ought to make an attempt to comply with Mr Whitney's request. As Edwd reports that the letter wh Mgt took on containing one from Lucy Chase was lying yesterday on James' desk, + as I thought it possible that a second one from her rec'd on Fri. night might require an answer, I ventured to open it + have written her today the cause of yr silence. The invitation for some future visit I leave to you.

I have rec'd two boxed of May flower - one from Keene + one from Newburyport + have distributed them - carrying to Mary today the half (as directed) from it. I was sorry not to see Mary - she being engaged at the Lombards decorating their house anew with flowers while the family were at church. An urgent invitation from Mariana I have declined.

Bad, worse, worst is the criticism of friends upon my picture. I wish the 3 dollars had been better invested than to hold me

up to the unalloyed horror + disgust of acquaintances + friends. "A dismal forlorn old widow hunting for her cap" was the last characterization of the front full length. The cap though really was not for myself, but as I had been hunting for one for mother I think the description quite clairvoyant.

Emma discovered tonight that I had put 3 old stamps as on as many letters. As I have used from the same repository (my purse) I am not sure that all my epistolary effusions have reached their destination. As all wh I had knowingly in my possession were given to E to exchange at the time they were called for + I have bought once certainly since, I cannot understand my dilemma. If you have not rec'd a letter via Belmont post office this may account for it. Tomorrow I shall make inquiry of it prevented the forwarding of one to Keene.

You are too busy to write - possible to read such writing. A great deal of love to the friends about you + a loving good night from yr affectionate Sarah

Congratulations over Federal successes ought to go on this patriotic paper. Norfolk [illegible]

ated + Fort Wright taken is the report but alas for the heavy anxious hearts that wait for details of the fight, + for the other longing ones who wait in fearful suspense the result of all this struggle.

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, New York, 1862 May 7



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