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[in pencil: disaster - Fall River boats "bring Addy home" - June [year?] Frank (fr. Calif.?) not '68]

Yes, my dearest I accept all y'r theories respecting anxiety & worry - & adopt y'r practice! Had I the silver tongue or the golden pen I might talk as well as many another of the folly of all fear. Till such gifts are bestowed upon me I will try to find entertainment, when edification fails, by observing in my fellows the discrepancyes between saying & doing!

To day alas! not apprehension so much as actual calamity weighs upon my soul. The awful disaster of Fri. night, through the imperfect working of the wires yesterday, & the absence of any paper to day is wrapped in gloomy mystery. Mr. Knapp told Edw'd this morn'g that eighty persons are known to be missing -- whether they

or any of their friends who are crushed by this sorrow are bound to us by any tie than that of a common humanity I cannot say. An accident to one Fall River boat just before you went & another the night after had made me glad that you were purposing to come home by a day route. You can understand how thankful I was to receive yr note on Sat. I write now to assure you of one continued well-being & to say what has not forgotten in my last, but omitted by reason of hasty writing that we earnestly hope James will return with you. Strawberries have come. "If I were you I wldn't eat them at night" - but I being I, ^ I think I shall ^ "gape & swallow" as long as I can get them. Our season of indulgence at the best is so short, it wld seem a slighting of the gifts of Providence to neglect my opportunity to refresh the [miner]

woman by such agreeable means. A very few give a delicious relish to my evn'g bread & butter & I think I always discover a marked improvement in my health when I eat them. A slight shower yesterday & a few clouds today have revived our hopes that the crop is not to be wholly destroyed in less that a weeks gathering time as has been predicted. There is but one drawback to my ^ pleasure in a prolonged season & that is my own inability to pick them & Edwd's determined purpose to exhaust himself in the work.

Doing my best, you see, I can't rival you in the economical use of ink & paper, but after sending dearest love to all I will spare yr eyes & patience farther taxing while I remain as ever

Yr most loving S. Sun.[illegible] Sky Parlor

Kate Garland who arrived at her mother's on Thurs. reports Mrs Rowde able to walk alone across her room & back! Carrie found Mrs. Chenery on Mon in her old state of misery. I wish you might bring Addy home with you. Cannot she be led to see that it may be better for her aunt & for all that she sh'd rest a while now? Edw'd having learned that Frank sailed a week later than he had before supposed has given up the expectation of seeing him before July.

Letter from Sarah Whitney, to Anne Whitney, between 1860 and 1870



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