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[partial postmark: BOS M MASS.]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care of J.P. Lesley Esq.


[in pencil above - May 21, 1860 or earlier]

Mon. A.M. Do you rememember dear Anne that on the left as you enter the field across the road on a little eminence is piled some stones wh. Ch's once told you in answer to what they were for, "himself put them there?" It is open & exceedingly pleasant on all sides - some way beyond to the west is another covered with trees & bushes where the view is not quite so good - & between the two, a third spot entirely clear & you may have either of these for the erection of such a building as you will send a plan for. Let us know the dimensions & Mr B. & I will try to exercise our architectural taste on either spot you may designate. The western one cld be somwhat shaded & sheltered from the road by leaving some of the bushes, but it is not so high & you will not have so good a view from the door, that being at the west. If you please, I will consult Mary S. & Hattie H. respecting it.

Speaking of Ch's, I forget whether I told you that he had taken to himself a wife. In Sat'y's paper we was that Mr Puckman was dead.

The Bobolinks, orioles & yellow wrens have come & are as merry as they can be - the rain has not come & we shall be merrier when it does. Adieu

[upside down crossed out - Miss Sarah Whitney Watertown]

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860 May 21



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