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[partial postmark: EAST CA MASS]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care of J.P. Lesley

411 Wetherill St


Wed. A.M. May 2nd '60

Here has come another missive from her "we wot of," wh. presuming to be not a matter of life + death, will not waste a postage stamp upon it even for yr more speedy delectation my dear sister. Yrs of the 28th + 29th arrived last evng + that I may not forget some matters of wh I wish to speak, I embrace this early opportunity. As to the bonnet I sh'd be glad to take it, if fitted my head + taste + were here now - but being in the bonnetless condition I am, possessing nothing but a thick one wh I have worn 4 winters + a dollar chip wh has been a constant hack for 2 years, I feel that I cannot wait another week. Anna Carroll has promised to go with me on the first pleasant day to help me select one + will trim it for me, + I wait only the termination of a dry northeaster wh. threatens every moment to become a wet one to claim the fulfilment of the promise. I can only accommodate you my dear by considerable sacrifice or mortification - either give up pleasure expeditions if such tempt me or wear a dirty, shabby thatch of wh. I am ashamed.

Regarding the studio my dear I do + did not wish to put you in a disagreeable place + will see what can be done towards toe accomplishment of yr own desire. The water objection being removed in the way you suggest, but 2 others remain to the knoll. The first applying equally to Edw'd's land, its inconvenient distance making frequent calls to me impossible, + the 2nd, the fact that an unoccupied building (wh I suppose this must be a large part of the year) is always a target for the missiles of a neighborhood. Fortunate is the owner of such, if it escape the torch of the incendiary. As to style, you must remember, that though a Hungarian in Orange may love to exercise his ingenuity + artistic taste for small compensation, no Yankee mechanic can do aught but feebly imitate - + that with such outlay of time + labor that the expense must be a matter of consideration to the person who employs him.

Fri. P.M. I expected to have sent yr trunk by to day's steamer - but discovering too late that the Belmont Express ran but every other day, I am obliged to keep it for the next, wh sails in 5 days. Almost every body in these parts is praying for rain. We

rejoice in a sufficient supply of will + rain water but most of our neighbors are lamenting the want of one or the other. I went this A.M. to Kenrick's + Hydes nurseries to get evergreens for Edw'd but was advised not to transplant utl we have rain. At Mr K's we found magnolia + other blossoms. If the heavens wld but send some warm showers the country wld burst into greeness. As it is it looks pleasantly + promising in the sunlight + milder air wh. have succeeded the piercing cold of the early part of the week. Mother went to Charlestown yesterday + has not yet returned. The Shannons have escaped their trial now only to feel it impending in June. Mrs S. of Brooklyn, a witness in the case called with Mary on Wed. to see yr handiwork.

The muslin wh. you like for the darkness, was not specially cheap, having cost 37 cents a yard. It w'ld be very unsuitable for travelling + as there is sufficient for a full dress I cling to my last decision + keep it for myself + have made you an English Barege skirt wh. I think you must like better, + to wear under it I have made a coarse muslin skirt. I hope they will prove to be the right length.

I am sorry to have kept Mrs D's letter so long, but trust it is of no great consequence. I have been too busy to write + shd be now were I not too tired to work. In such condition I think you will gladly spare my tediousness + so my dear I bid you a loving adieu, giving [cross out] however this message from Susan - "Give my love to Miss Anne + tell I shd be glad if she c'ld write to me - only I don't know whether I cld read a letter she writes so funny.

Yr own Sarah

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860 May 2



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