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[partial postmark: EAST CAMB APR 3 MASS]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care of J. P. Leslie Esq.

411 Wetherill St.


Sunday Apr. 1st '60

Were you here this morn'g my dear Anne I shd propose a trip to the blood root ground, though it wld be a rare sight for one of its flowers to greet us so early in the season. With no fire in the house out of the kitchen, with matting on parlors + one chamber, with open windows + singing birds, ones thoughts are forced summerward + shd eschew all disagreeables + find the good there is on every event, however adverse it may seem. So dearest to return to the studio. I do think my plan was a hasty + ill advised one. Though a half miles walk 4 times a day wld probably be conducive to health, one of a few [rods] w'ld oftentimes be much more convenient to you + to me whose home duties keep me pretty close in the season you promise to be here, it wld be far more pleasant to have you where I c'ld look in at any time of the day + in any degree of weariness. So I shall hope that one of our neighbors will be gracious, yr plan be forthcoming, a carpenter be found at leisure + all be happily consummated by a

sastisfactory commencement of yr work in Belmont on or before the 1st of June. By that time Phila. will be uncomfortably warm + unless you are getting knowledge there wh cannot be obtained here, it seems absurd for you to stay. Respecting the "building of a house below" my thought turned towards it at this time chiefly on yr account because therin I c'ld see a better chance of helping you in yr work than in any other building. For myself, I am in ordinary health 'tolerably content' - with plenty of books + work + the ability to use them I feel that it w'ld be very wicked to be otherwise. But in these long weeks of inability to use my eyes + absolute dependence upon Edw'd's + Carrie's kindness for almost every word from the outer world, I have wished for them, as well as myself that our homes were not so far apart. The distance to me seems as great as when E. began to build - but to them the daily walking may have lessened it, + which they manifest no dissatisfaction, I certainly ought not to do so. For every other reason, I am more than happy to remain as we are. It is a pleasant house + to most visitors I think, quite beautiful. The new paper + paint shine + when the marbles + pictures are replaced + the furniture gets on its summer gear, we shall be nearly ready for summer guests, the first of

whom I expect will be Fanny + Mary Hudson whom I have invited in pity for their poverty + invalidism, hoping to save to them some of their hard earned money + to benefit them by some out door life - hoping too to benefit myself by their pleasant companionship. Ellen Robbins has been visiting Carrie this last week - on Thurs. her sisters, Mary Shannon Sr. + Jr. + Mrs. McKean took tea there - great admiration was expressed for the house + its furniture + the company generally seemed to enjoy their visit. On the same day I drove mother to Cam. to the funeral of Mrs Stone who retained her faculties unimpaired more than 90 years. Her poor deaf, imbecile sister, the sole occupant of the old homestead was a sad sight. Lizzie L was there but I had no opportunity to speak to her. She had left her mother ill at home + was obliged to hasten back by the early train on Fri. a.m.

Dr Hosmer according to last night's paper is slowly gaining but the report from friends do not confirm it - one day more comfortable the next worse - a little over excitement c'ld probably be fatal. In a letter Mary rec'd the other day from Mrs Parker we have good accounts of Hattie. She works very hard + rides hard - leaping I don't know how many barred fences. Mrs. P. likes her very much + Miss Cashman too. Mr. P. is scarcely as well as he was last summer, but the winter has been a trying one due to every

body in Rome. Soon they will go to Florence + from there she hopes he will go to Sicily. His friends here have subscribed 2600 dollars more for him wh I hope he will use in some wise way abroad.

The Athanaeum opened the other day with Mr. Brown's pictures of wh you spoke - + they are very much praised by the papers. I don't know any one who has seen them. Ellen is preparing for the next reception a sheet of Lamacho - some of her pictures at Everett + Williams' have attracted a great deal of attention - + hereby I am reminded of a story wh Mr Safford told us the other day with the preface that "it w'ld be enjoyed by the other Miss Whitney." A stranger couple asked if they might drive into Mr. Auburn. Liberty was granted by the obliging gate keeper. On their return the lady alighted + begged Mr S. not to consider her [too - inserted above] inquisitive as her husband did, but she wanted very much to know who the two blind men in the chapel were - the 3d, who was not blind she knew because his name was attached or carved in the stone. As the story was told to me for yr sake I am bound to give it. Mr Kennard complimented me in this wise - "I wish yr sister w'ld some day call, for we have some bronzes wh she being an artist w'ld probably appreciate. The unartistic + therefore unappreciative sister looked for herself + saw a few wh she liked much - particularly the Lorenzo de Medici monument by Michael Angelo - Le Penseur - I had seen it before.

Tues. A.M. Such a leap from summer to winter! The flowers were wiser than we + did not show their little heads when C. + I looked for them Sunday P.M. On Mon. A.M. the ground blossomed with snow wh is not all gone yet. The weather + a cold have kept father at home these few days past + my letter c'ld not go yesterday as I had intended. Mother is well. I tried to see Mr Locke yesterday but saw only his wife. She thinks it possible that since Mr L. devotes all his time to farming, he may be less willing to use his land for building. If

he sh'd not consent, I have no doubt Mr B's farm c'ld furnish a spot. C'ld not his shed chamber be made available for a while! [cross out] Neighbors on both sides w'ld be glad to see you back + will I believe try to accommodate you. [Illegible] presents, let us be content with the useful + the beautiful will come by + by.

Lovingly yr Sarah

Love to Fidelia. Yr Mrs. Leslie is an intimate friend of Mrs White of Keene. I forgot if I told you that Miss Butler has been shabbily dismissed from her school to the indignation of many of the parents.

[Pressed leaf of some kind ?? Not described in letter]

[No markings, soft leaf print]

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860 April 1



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