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[partial postmark: EAST CAMB MAR MASS]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care of J.P. Leslie

411 Wetherell St


Sunday March 18,sup>th '60

I carelessly sent off my last letter without the 411 Wetherell St on its back + so my dear Anne I have an excuse if one be wanting for writing another to day, if my own gadding + visitors at home don't interfere. 3 calls + household duties have consumed the morn'g + now I await the family's return to dinner - You wld like to have heard the birds in Belmont this morn'g - "Happy Valley" was - all the space between there + here was alive with them. This is the 4th day of "weather breeders" + the world generally rejoiced. I celebrate them all by some expedition - Fri. I went to E.C. + Sat to W.h. where I saw Mariana + Ch. Porter - the latter has come home consumptively inclined if not in a deep seated consumption. He is a pleasant, gentlemanly fellow, bearing to my eye no trace of the degradation to wh in times past I suppose he has fallen. He is very weak + very happy to be at home in spite of the bitter winds wh here greet him, to wh. he was advised to come by his physician in Florida where he has been some months. Mr Lambert looks + seems better than he did early in the winter. If he were driven more into society I think it wld be well for

him. Ch's Carroll + wife + Anna called yesterday to see yr works, having heard before they reached here, that I, the only one to whom they owed a call, was absent - but they found the works + me too - so I can report their satisfaction - particularly at the inspection of "Bee-bee," father + Chaucer. Mother's likeness has to grow into the spectator's favor - I don't know whether I told you how John Lambert showed his unlikeness to the rest of the world - Of father's bust he inquired if it were Geo Washington - but Mother's he recognised at once as a striking likeness. I am glad the baby is to be exhibited in N.Y. + glad to hear Mr B's favorable criticism. I expect to hear more. We are all delighted with yr proposition to work in Belmont + hope that the "3 months" may be profitably lengthened into 6 or more. Where shall the studio be + how? If on Edwd's land, I suggest that it may be made cheaply ornamental in somewhat of the style of Wellington hill depot with its pillars for vines - You at least need not then style it an "unnecessary" though the ignorant outside barbarians might.

I am glad for you that Fidelia is so soon going to P. + glad for her that she is to find you there - but my heart is heavy for the poor child. I rec'd from her a day or two since such a sad note, I know not how

to reply to it. It is strange that I, so weak to bear sorrow, to whom indeed real sorrow has scare ever come but through my own ill controlled passions sh'd ever dare to offer sympathy + counsel to another; + stranger still that my words sh'd be accepted or desired - Such as they are they come from my heart + are so far true, but so little have they affected my own life their utterance seems almost a falsehood of

The sun is about set on Mon evng + I snatch the only minute the day has given me for writing - The Robbins 4 + a Miss Upton have just departed + before that such a day of dirt + labor I have had - Everything is out of the parlors but the marbles + looking glass + they await stronger arms than mine. The Mason comes tomorrow - painters next day - so there is promise of an early Spring cleaning - On my way to the village this P.M. for a woman to help tomorrow, we met Mary S. with her tribute of flowers - from the depot came the box of maple sugar + dear Mrs. Twitchell's loving word - to you she sends best love. Mrs Dr T. is feeble from our exertion + anxiety during the

weary winter + little Maggie still feels the effect of scarlet fever.

Tues P.M. A moment before fathers departure (you know how hurried) I must take to answer yr queries to Carrie respecting myself as she was too tired last evn'g to write. I fear (+ probably through my own words) that you have had an exaggerated idea of my suffering - I did suffer some pain for 2 or 3 weeks but never so severe that it seemed unbearable. Had it been anywhere else, I shd not have taken an opiate to remove it. Often have I had more pain without thought of medicine. Anxiety respecting the result made me constantly thoughtful of the Drs suggestions + true to his advice -The protracted season of recovery is what he predicted, + so I am never discouraged though sometimes I am a little weary of it + if I have vented my weariness in impatient utterances to you dearest forgive me + I will not do so again. Indeed I think there will be no further cause for them. I am gaining. The fine weather + house cleaning will furnish occupation that will divert my mind from my own idleness.

Father is going

Adieu yr Sarah

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860 March 18



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