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[Postmark:BOSTON MASS. MAR 16]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care of J. R. Leslie Esq.


504 N. 6th

Ports -

1st St. tonight (sing)

below 10th (at [Brown]

church on the corner)

[1860 in pencil upper right corner] Wed. M'ch 14th

Out of my general expression of sympathy in yr joys uttered my dear Annie in my hastily despatched word of yesterday I feel that there are 2 or 3 worthy of special notice. Firstly I am delighted that you have been so successful in making a likeness of Mrs. Manning. 2 ndly that you are where "airs from Garadide" can reach you + not here where subterranean coals furnish the only suggestion of such airs. But blessed be the lack of Compensation - as yr happiness has been marred by a doubt of its perpetuity. Our unhappiness is relieved by the confident belief in something better by + by. I am very sorry for yr disappointment about the lectures, but believe that as of old, yr lucky star will prevail + there will be no great disappointment after all. If but Mrs M's predicted time w'ld now come, when you + Mr Brown are to come into harmonious relations I sh'd be glad. Trusting that devotion to art might keep you in a sufficiently cool + healthful moral atmosphere I sh'd be thankful to know that you were out of the reach of these terrible winds wh pierce bone + marrow - not mine for the Dr advises me to keep out of the way of them but I see them under the grey sky, hear them through every crevice + chimney, + taste them through the ennui that comes of nothing to do.

Thurs. P.M. Just as I had finished yesterday one hours continuous sewing yr letter my beloved came + with it the blessed sunshine. 3 unlooked for blessings - either one of which w'ld have filled my heart with joy. For the 1st I rejoiced almost with trembling, not knowing but the time of retribution w'ld come today - but today my eye is no worse + I have used it for hard city service. 2nd yr letter wh so quickly wiped out the pain caused by yr first disappointment even better than I had dared to prophesy. 3dly the sunshine - you know how it shines into the heart after a long north east storm. The Drs cautious perhaps have made me over timid - though I have never more longed for an outdoor life, I have never stuck so close to the chimney corner. I covet too, more than I can tell you the ability to read + sew - + yesterday's achievement possessed me with a working demon wh only my desire to visit Katie cld have resisted - so with a perfect morning came the purpose to go to W. Newton for the day + invite Aunt Lizzie home with me to introduce her to Dr Williams tomorrow. But lo! before my bonnet was on, in marched Aunt L. for the very same purpose + so the day wh was made for the country + the woods has been dissipated in crowded streets + crammed stores. The Dr pronounced Aunt L's case a less serious one than mine + I am

very hopeful of a cure for her. It may however prove more difficult than it looks. I pray you my dear Annie take good care of yr eyes. Let no wilful misuse add bitterness to the possible mischance of a diseased organ. Just after we left for Boston, Katie, Marianna + Mr L. came over to take me home with them. A little sorry I had to miss so pleasant an opportunity, but I hope to find another ere long.

A call from Mrs Barnard has interrupted me on her way to join a family surprise party at Mrs Brighams with a fine photograph of M Phillips for a surprise gift. No sooner has [cross out] house seemed furnished than [cross out] had begun anew to make room for borders. Mr + Mrs Pray having obtained leave to summer with them + the south west attic is to be devoted to his [fluting]. Our spring operations will commence soon in the parlor - paper + carpet I have in my minds eye - whether I shall find the reality to correspond is doubtful. Todays attempted shopping has been rather discouraging - Boston crowded with goods c'ld not furnish [illegible] Carries [directed] to Mother's + my tastes. One seen by me more than 2 months ago wh I there had not money to buy, I have foolishly let slip through my hands, thinking as I have done

more of eyes than dresses. Must you not get something for spring use? Shall I send by steamer yr leghorn or any thing else? Trees are not "budding into blossom" here but grass is greening + birds are singing + today winter clothing has been a burden + the exquisite beauty of earth + sky from sunrise to sunset has filled every soul.

Now at sunset I must prepare myself to go with father mother + Aunt Lizzie to take tea with Mr [Singer] at Edwds. I am weary with the days labors + excitement. C'ld I have written this A.M. I think I sh'd have done better. I can only hope that the taste of home will give a little zest to my dry details. The [trail] of intoxication is better I suppose for writing than the moments after when the whole body is weary. Have charity for yr weak sister who finds in self esteem, an unexpected letter + fine weather cause of intoxication.

Friday + another lovely day - or at least promise of a day. To keep up my dissipation I am going to E. Cambridge. This will complete my promised dinings out, + if I conclude the week by a second day with Katie, I hope to begin the next with work, a plenty of wh. offers itself to my hands. Alfred [Tufts] has moved to Charlestown + George is preparing to follow - so Aunt Lizzie's country life is about at an end. I am sorry for her. Dr. Hosmer is gaining. From all accounts but his nephew's, there seems a chance that [illegible] may

[written in margin] see him in tolerable health. Another attack however to wh. he is liable w'ld probably prove fatal. Mr [illegible] has come up to look at yr marbles + I must descend to do the honors. Loving adieu from Sarah

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860 March 14



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