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[Postmark: BOSTON MS MAR 13 1800]

Miss Anne Whitney

Care of J.P. Leslie Esq

No. 411 Wetherill St


Monday a.m. M'ch 12th '60On Sat. I wrote to Fidelia, on Sun. to Rebekah and to day dearest if my eyes will but hold out so long I must write to you - as anticipated reply to the word I hope to get to night. These idle days make long weeks wh. are not shortened by the M'chy dreariness wh keeping every body at home imposes upon the necessity of a talk by letter to save me from the blues. Yesterday to further Carrie's desire to hear Starr King. I laid aside my shade and went with her and Edwd to Newton Corner when we heard what I did not expect a very fine sermon for wh in these days of Fullerism we were very thankful -- A funny + characteristic exemplification of what said Fullerism is was related by Father. On reaching church yesterday a.m. father went into the vestry to recover from an attack of nose bleeding + there remained during the whole service, fearing a re[scribbled out] of the trouble if he sh'd go into the warm church. There he cld plainly hear the

preacher's voice, but the only distinguishable word was I. As he was installing himself into the office of Minister to the Watertown congregation perhaps it sh'd be forgiven - but on ordinary occasion if I is not the only pronoun used, A.B.F. is No 1, thrusting himself I fear between the hearts of many of the congregation + their maker not through the love wh he inspires, but by its opposite.

The events of last week were an invitation on the part of Carrie to a party (including us 3 Whitneys) of 10 persons for Wed - on Tues noon the assistion of her inefficient Paddy that she had engaged another place + wld leave Wed. A.M. an immediate tramp to Boston + a scouring of Intelligence offices by C. a vigorous set to by C + me on Wed to prepare the feast of wh by reason of the storm but 3 outsiders partook - a continuance of the storm on Thurs. detaining the Salem friends, + but not preventing Mother + me form dining with Aunt Sarah - the arrival on Thurs. P.M. of a curious specimen of antique maidenhood in answer to C's inquiries for help - her expressed willingness to depart on Fri. morn'g, on account of the evident

want of conformity of herself to the house + appartenances, wh was overruled by Carrie's encouragement to stay the week promised on both sides before she came - another set of preparation for the party wh by agreement was postponed to Fri - if the weather shd be unfavorable on the first day - all ending at last by the arrival at 7 oclock of Mr + Mrs Wheelwright. On Sat. tolerably pleasant weather + calls from many of the Newton + Watertown friends - among whom was Katie who sent a great deal of love + says she lives in the hope of writing to you - + Mary S. who giving up expectation only hopes to receive a letter.

Tues. A.M. I was interrupted by the coming of Carrie to read to me + in my desire to listen, I lost the only daylight opportunity to write. Yr letter dear came, rejoicing my heart by its relation of joys + making me sad for yr perplexities. How we can help you to a studio I do not see unless you feel that you can work as well in Belmont as in Brooklyn or Phila. James will doubtless try to find you a room in B if you desire it. I think you wld not ask for a special erection there when land is so costly.

As you write yr hosts' name in two ways, I shall adopt the usual one till you give me contrary directions.

Hoping to hear soon that you are comfortably established for a short stay among the broad-brims since you do not consider it desirable to make a long one I am in great haste as father has hurried through his break-fast Yr own loving, Sarah

Letter from Sarah Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860 March 12



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