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Tuesday Apl. 24

Dear Sarah,

Summer is upon us in all its beauty, & winter clothing is at a discount. Nature is doing her prettiest - over where we live - and such a combination of green things, and all colors, it is beautiful to behold. Buds and blossoms are making the surroundings about our habitation just as musical and sweet as need be, and when one wakes from a refreshing sleep and looks out the window these sunny mornings, it seems as though there could be no sin or sorrow or blues, or any kind of wickedness in the world.

But then, when we turn the other way, and see carpets up, and confusion everywhere, with an army of black spirits & white, distorted & hideous in night caps and bandarms, armed with scrubbing brush broom and white wash-brush the scour champs. Then the rebellious spirit is aroused, and we go forth with anathemas on a house cleaning. The good resolutions that inspire us when we got up out of bed have vanished, and we are wicked all over - Moorly and Sankey could not save us. Oh! poor, poor man! to be exposed to scenes and circumstances so adverse. How easily to be a Christian with surroundings so lovely as I have sketched on the first page of this sheet. How hard to be anything but a hardened sinner with the picture on this side!

I hope you are enjoying so pleasant a season as we are now having - the two or [three] days rain we had last week and the summer sunshine of this have sent vegetation up with a jump. We all keep well and flourish as usual. Margaret's house will be ready for her next month, but I think she will not move in before last of June. They will have a very pleasant & elegant establishment.

Emma was in Phila last week as perhaps you have already been informed by her self. I think I heard her say not long ago that she was intending to write you. With love to all - affly yrs James

I hope to hear my mother's continued improved health.

Letter from James Frothingham Whitney, New York, New York, to Sarah Whitney, 1877 April 24



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