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[written in pencil at top of the page: wife of Edward Whitney]

At Home Feb. 5th 1860

You will be glad to hear, dear Anne, that our precious Sarah is improving, altho' you cannot expect to receive a letter of her own penning for some days longer, to say the least, for the Dr. says that even after the pain is gone the blur or dimness may continue, or be slowly removed.

She still has pain, more or less every day, & has been obliged to take opiates - but as she did not take any yesterday & has not yet today we hope the necessity for doing so will not return.

If the weather had been favorable yesterday we should have driven in to see the Dr. - hope to go tomorrow or next day.

Sarah says you must not feel anxious or troubled about her - is delighted that you find so good friends - and glad that you do not think of locating permanently in Phil - Miss Shannon was here yesterday & saying that Mr. Kellogg gave it as his opinion that New York was the better place for an artist.

Do not think we neglect you, now Sarah is disabled - I sh'd have written you again last week but that we knew you would have letters from Miss Shannon and Mrs. Lambert - As they were directed to Brooklyn

there may have been delay in your receiving them - I trust you have them before this. We think your prospects seem very pleasant and favorable to your improvement, & hope you will find as pleasant a home, if possible, as you did with the Mannings.

Our dear Sarah is so patient & uncomplaining that we cannot do much for her - but I have spent the larger part of each day during the last week, with her, feeling that my presence might be some relief to mother - who I am glad to say is remarkably well & in good spirits - also father & Edward. We have enjoyed the 'Minister's Wooing' - which I read aloud - which Mrs. Stowe has made in it more thrusts at

theology than slavery.

I know it would be a healing balm to Sarah to see you (as she could with a single eye) but if you cannot come you must write as often as you can - Sarah sends love to Rebecca & will write as soon as she is able - would have answered her last, but for the attack, about the time she was intending to do so -Love & kind remembrances to Mr. & Mrs. Horton & 'Cousin Patience'. Your own share is a large one from each and all

Good bye

Carrie -

Letter from Caroline Whitney, to Anne Whitney, 1860 February 5



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