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[written in pencil at upper left: 17]

Home April 5 - 42 [written in pencil at upper right: [1842]]

My dear Aunt,

This is the last letter I shall ever write you. The last fatal symptoms of my disease are fast coming upon me. I am confined to my room with debility. No one presumes to flatter me with the hope of any change for the better - and for myself I have long been prepared for this. I write now with[deletion: s] some effort in an interval of strength intending to keep this on hand till the worst is ascertained - It requires no answer

I write my dear Aunt my last thanks for [deletion: you] all your kindness to me. It is all as you know that I have to give. You will forgive all my offences towards you for the grave has no resentments. What I say to you, I say to all your dear family. I love them in death. I hope they will cherish a kind remembrance of me.

I pray for your best happiness.

I do not suffer much thus far except from weakness. I hope for a quiet [inserted above in pencil: end] but that is as God wills. I am resigned - more than resigned almost happy. Farewell dear friends - May

you have more happy lives _ as peaceful a death as your friend.

It will be imprudent for me to say more

Most affectionately,

Alexr Whitney

[written in pencil over ink at lower edge: to his Aunt Stone of Louisiana]

Letter from Alexander Whitney, to Anne Coolidge Stone, 1842 April 5



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