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Miss Ann R. Whitney



[at left margin: Capt Pierce ]

[written along right side of page in pencil: Alexander]

East Cambridge June 9th 1835

Dear Ann-

We have received your last letter and father wants me to answer it by Capt Pierce - You seem to calculate with some confidence upon my appearance in Buxport at the end of your term. I did not say positively that I should come. It will depend very much upon circumstances - But I do intend to make some cheap excurtion this summer and if nothing happens to prevent I shall be there in time to see you home - To this end I should like to receive a letter from you letting me know the day or about the day on which your vacation commences - We look forward to your return with a great deal of pleasure and though we feel satisfied that Mrs. Little has done much for your improvement and that you have profited by your first journey "out of the state" yet I very much doubt if mother will consent to your absense for so long a time again. We heard last night from

James. He has altered his mind about coming home immediately and concluded to remain in New York for some time longer. I presume his reason is, that his prospects for employment are better there than in Boston. John has come out to board with us this summer and excepting yours and James absense we go on very much as we used to last summer - We do not see quite so much of Uncle William and his family as when we lived in the same house but we keep up a "pretty considerable" visiting backward and forward I assure you, and there are not many warm evenings in which more or less of Uncle Nat's family are not seated on the old piazza. The rioters are all clear excepting Marcy - The scoundrels find a salute in Charlestown on the announcement of the verdict of acquital. "Charlestown is a delightful town on the mouth of the Charles River" - The outside is fair enough - but within it is full of mobocracy and all manner of uncleanness" -

However, there are some good families

which like salt preserve the whole "pork" barrel from putrifaction - Write to me about that vacation and I will certainly come to you myself or send a [deletion: po] boy - You may also tell while you are about it what indusements there are for a visit to Bangor and Buxport. Is the scenery on the river grand? are the girls pretty? &c &c - Are young Lawyers in demand up at Bangor - thats all -

Yrs. tout Entirement

Alexr Whitney

Letter from Alexander Whitney, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, Bridgeport, Maine, 1835 June 9



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