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[printed letterhead, center: For God and Home and Every Land World's and National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. [Image of Globe, wrapped in ribbon and sitting on clouds] Time of Prayer-Noontide, Badge-A Knot of White Ribbon. Object-To unify throughout the world the work of Women in Temperance and Social Reform, and to circulate a Petition addressed to all of the Governments of the world, for the overthrow of the Alcohol and Opium trades. Methods--Preventive, Educational, Evangelisti, Social and Legal. Watchwords--Agitate! Organize!

Office of President, Evanston, Ill., U.S.A.]

[printed letterhead, left: World's W.C.T.U. Honorary President, Mary Clement Leavitt Care Kidder, Peabody & Co, Boston, Mass. President, Frances E. Willard [Office Sec., Alice E. Briggs, Evanston, Ill., U.S.A.] Vice-President at Large, Lady Henry Somerset, 19 Memorial Hall, Farringdon St., London, E.C. Eng.And. Secretary, Mary A Woodbridge, Ravenna, Ohio. Assistant Secretary, Anna A. Gordon, Evanston, Ill. Treasurer, Ella F.M. Williams, 26 Chomedy St., Montreal, Can.]

[printed letterhead, right: National W.C.T.U. President, Frances E. Willard, [Private Secretary, Anna A. Gordon] [Literature Secretary, Irene Fockler] Evanston, Ill. Corresponding Secretary, Caroline B. Buell, Evanston, Ill. Recording Secreaty, Mary A. Woodbridge, Ravenna, Ohio. Assistant Recording Secretary. L.M.N. Stevens, Portland, Maine. Treasurer, Esther Pugh, Evanston, Ill.]

May 4, 1892

En route near Chicago.

My Ever Dear:

Meeting some white ribbon chiefs yesterday they descanted on

"that there jaw"

until I thought I would better emphasize a bit further the great importance attached by Her Ladyship (228)

to that member. They all seem to think my poor old phiz is built around the sub-maxill[deletion: i]ary - that right?

I'm a tryin' to do my best and live up to my privileges lately enjoyed and enjo[deletion: y]ined. Love to S.W. & A.M.

Always thy martyrizing FW

[sidenote: couldn't see Anna Dickinson She was too ill! Must follow her up.]

Letter from Frances E. Willard, Chicago, Illinois, to Anne Whitney, 1892 May 4



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