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Sunday Dec 13th [In pencil in a different hand:[1896?]]

Dear Aunt Anne.

When I saw Miss Manning in Brooklyn a fortnight ago, I said I should send my own message to you before she saw you - as I had long been in your debt - but alas I failed - I came home and wrote three pages of a letter and then was interrupted - George picked it up and read

it - and objected to my "flights of fancy" and generalizations - so that spoiled that document and it went the way of all rubbish - and tonight I will confine myself entirely to facts.

Mother and I are going to Church this evening - principally to hear our choir give the "Inflamatus" from the "Stabat Mater" - we have a beautiful soprano - her voice is so lovely that she will only stay a short time

longer with us as there is no money in it - but goes on a concert tour - I shall miss George in the chancel this evening as he is the regular Sunday night preacher - but Dr. Peters had an invitation for him to preach in Brooklyn - so he has gone over there - as the Church is on Pacific St & Fourth Ave - he may have time to go farther up town & see some of the family.

I am not unmind-

ful of the fact that you promise to visit us after the Holidays and these festal times are near at hand - do not change your mind! We have the little apartment always ready for a great transformation scene - library by day - bedroom at night - and we are longing for a guest - and especially for you -

Mother has just completed one of her long continued colds - I am

very glad it is completed and not just begun. She is ready for anything. We went to the Private Manuscript Concert last night - George subscribes - and the private concerts are particularly enjoyable - a short regular program and then an impromptu one and general chatting and sociability among the musicians and members with accompaniments of light lunch - lager

and sandwiches -

I have just been running a "New England Lunch" in the Parish House - always thankful when the things are over - but something else is ready. I presume Emma is spending her energies in preparation for the large reception she gives on Friday to launch Emily into society - four years in college and four months abroad I imagine has crowded her with a good many

ideas. I want to get acquainted with the young lady and see how she has developed under all this experience.

George is pretty well now after touches of grip and malaria - I am rather stiff and somewhat plastered up - I try to take Lithia but I don't think it suits me - Miss Manning said you had a slight trouble of the same kind - I hope it has left you - We have

not heard from Belmont direct for a long time - I will write Aunt Carrie before Christmas -

The chimes are ringing sweetly - and so plain - as all the windows are open this May instead of December night -

Our fondest love to you in town and country - and do not fail to make us the holiday visit.

Lovingly Yours


Letter from Margaret Whitney Pratt, New York, New York, to Anne Whitney, 1896 December 13



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