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New York

Jan 21st 1889.

Dear Aunt Mary.

I know you must be very anxious to hear about Ned so I will try and collect my self enough to write a few lines. We have had a very sick boy. I asked the Dr. last night if it was dipheria and he said "yes decidedly and of the most serious kind." I had an awful night - and so did poor George - as he took all the care of him last night - and I went off to try and sleep -

Of course he can't be isolated

but it is the best we can do as he has to have a warm room so mother's proves the best. Florie must not lose courage for her sickness is nothing compared to this. We can only pray that we may come out of this cloud sometime - Ned does not lose ground and the Dr. thinks this the height of the disease - he is bright and not dull or heavy and the dear little man takes his medicines - although there is a struggle for a little while every time. It takes all three of us for the attention is constant - Medicines and whiskey

every half hour day and night - asleep or awake he has to be roused. He is doing as well as we can expect and seems perfectly natural - Tonight Dr. Ware is going to bring a Dr. Witters for council - as he thinks we may be better satisfied and although the Doctor seems very faithful - I feel as if I should like somebody else to see him. He says he has an incipient kidney trouble (- discovered this a.m) and although it is very often an accompaniment of the disease - still he will have council.

I am with him most of the time - but of course

we try and take all precautions - The Dr. says it is quite unusual to carry the disease in clothing of course with any degree of care - will you please write a line to Belmont and send this note as I cannot write much I am on such a strain. He was taken sick Friday afternoon - just after Ed Pratt & family left. Oh dear - I can stand the day-times but I dread to see the sun go down -!! But I know he will be a good deal better tomorrow -

lovingly Maggie.

Ned has just taken his whiskey punch very well - and wants more milk.

Letter from Margaret Whitney Pratt, New York, New York, to Anne Whitney, 1889 January 21



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