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[postmark: NEWBURYPORT AUG 29 4-PM 19 00 MASS. 1] [postage stamp, affixed sideways: red UNITED STATES POSTAGE TWO CENTS]


Miss Anne Whitney,


Miss Adeline A Manning,

The Knoll,


New Hampshire.

[written up left side: [Hal]]

[postmark: SHELBURNE N H AUG 30 5 PM 1900]

Newburyport, Mass.

August 29. 1900.

My Dear Ones: If I should say my Dear Ones Dwelling In Peace, - you would deny it, - but so it seems to me always, - & more especially now on returning to the Witch of Endor in the kitchen, &c. &c. Oh, what a delightful period of calm & deep pleasure I have had! I came home thro' immeasurable heat, but did not feel it, - I had a slice of roast=beef at Portland, - & pouring


a libation to the evil gods & the spirit of gluttony I ate a peach, - & the gods forgave me, as it was the first time, or almost so. Michael's smiling face met me at the station, - & all the average men, between here & Mts. Washington, Madision, & the gods, had done their duty so well that there [deletion: h] was my bag just as if Cuvier had set it down. At the house was a young cousin who needing a change had come to get it, & tho' I was glad to see her, & to have


[written diagonally across upper left margin: This is the blood of a tiny red spider slain in his tracks.]

her have the change, I was vexed that she took it at her time & not at mine - which is not so bad as it sounds, - as I had declined visits from some of my best friends & not asked others, - so as to save Katharine the very least heart beat of excitement. However 'tis twelve o'clock & all's well. I found letters telling me Tommy had had an operation for appendicitis, & was making a good recovery, - & that his and his young wife's hearts were broken because the


Doctors had absolutely & positively prohibited hunting, this season. And I had a delightful letter from Marion, - telling me among other things that she was off for a trip to Mont St. Michel, - a place which always fired my imagination, - a rock in the Normandy seas, fortress, cathedral, monastery, [illegible], reached over shallows at low tide, - it was pleasant that my last letter to her had adjured her to go there, - & that she was going before she received it, - as it (the letter) is still


upon its winding way. Which brings me up to date. - The world down here is beautiful, - but oh up there it is beautiful & mighty, too. Make salaams for me to Madison, most beautiful of them all, most mighty in suggestion. I wrap myself in the edge of his purples and dream. Just round the edge of him lies that unknown bounty which we enter only in dreams. Strange and beautiful the way we draw great vital breaths for soul & body from the deeps & from the heights!


Dears - how good you are to me! How much you are to me! And how, sky=dwelling people in the city, - sky=dwellers in the hills, you are to me always a part of the beauty with which you surround yourselves!

I have been doing a little feeble shouting for Bryan, - I am not quite sure. How long ago it is we began to be imperialists! Long before McK.'s small day. I suppose we, the discontent, will be emigrating to


China some day & starting the ideal government there, to have cupidity & corruption by & by ruin it all over again, - & so round & round the world, like the old [illegible] runs. If one could believe the Golden Year w'ld ever come, - & yet for what else do we live & hope! I will believe it.

Kate & Katharine & Otis beg to be remembered to you, - & I send you the love of my heart. Always your


Letter from Harriet Prescott Spofford, Newburyport, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney and Adeline Manning, Shelburne, New Hampshire, 1900 August 29



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