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Dated August 27, year not given.


Newburyport, Mass.

Of course.

Aug. 27.

Dear One. Not this September, - nor ever this year! Home is the only place for an afflicted wretch like me, with my sores and my lotions, & my sister & my maid & my miseries. I have been ill but once before in my life, - & instead of being thankful for past immunity am half angry at present infliction. My body? I am never conscious of it except when it troubles me.

When I am well I am all a disembodied spirit, so far as my flesh & bones are concerned, - & I count it a luxury not to know of my body's existence. I suppose I have never truly taken care of the poor thing, - I have given it late hours, close work, little food, worry to the brain, labor to the hand, idleness to the feet, - & it has revolted. However, the Doctor thinks I shall be in my old bodiless condition by winter, - Nat is totally well, - & meantime

I fret, - & not the least of my wickednesses is that I am talking to you about my miseries, & bringing the hateful things in among the company of the Gods -

I thought in all that lovely moonlight of you among your mountains, & felt very angry with myself and fate. Mrs. Hopkins had to go back Monday to her work, which ties her South now till next June, & I was doubly annoyed that I was the means of her losing such a pleasure as being with you & Miss Manning, & the purple hills which fill my thought with thirsting

when I think of them. I hope your beautiful body will never serve you such a trick as mine is serving me. The Chiefs of Samoa keep a talking-man, - I should like to have a patent swearer.

Goodbye dear, loveliest, & best. The thought of you is help & blessing. Love to your moonlight - not the moonlight, but Miss Manning.

Alys your own loving


Letter from Harriet Prescott Spofford, Newburyport, Massachusetts, to Anne Whitney, between 1891 and 1895



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