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164. St. Nicholas Ave.

[printed letterhead: CHURCH OF THE ARCHANGEL,

[deletion: 244 WEST 116TH STREET,]


June 27th 1899

Dear Aunt Anne

I want to ask your candid opinion as to whether it desirable or feasible that any of the money that Uncle Edward left for charitable, educational, and religious uses, should go towards the building up of our Archangel Parish House. This "house" which we desire to build is to be practically a "neighborhood" or "settlement house" with guild, class, and assembly rooms, and at the first, a residence for the Rector. The house is to have no other conditions of use and membership than those which make for

good order and the highest usefulness.

I send with this the June "Herald" which will show that we given up our 'hall' "burned our bridges" and are striking out for a better provision for the fall and winter.

We have hoped to secure two city lots which would give us a site of 50. by 100. feet on which to build a combination "Neighborhood House" and church, in such a way that the whole high and light basement of both could be one large assembly hall, the floor above arranged so that it could be used for church ser-

vices, and the house to go on up three or more floors I have hoped that Trinity Church would help us to secure the lot and building for the church half of the enterprise and I am assured that they will be inclined to do so if we can give any substantial assurances of being able to get the "House" part of the [deletion: enterprise] plan.

The city lots that are available are about $12,500, each and are getting fewer in number and higher in price. The plain house that we want to build will cost about $12,500 more.

We have just raised among ourselves (congregation) $1000, and are going ahead

to[deletion: g] secure the "House" lot and get what is known here as a "Builder's Loan" for the cost of lot and building. as the rent which has been hitherto been paid for our apartments and the Hall, will pay the interest on this loan. But in securing only one lot we run a serious risk of never getting the adjoining lot to comple the "plant" and, in any event we immediately increase the price of it, which increase we would be obliged to pay if we bought it separately and afterwards.

I am committed to this great work simply on the ground that it is a great work and there are such rare associates and helpers, and such conditions as that every effort tells.

[printed letterhead: Church of the Archangel,

[deletion: 244 West 116th Street,]

New York.]

I will not enlarge on the matter. Margaret is packing up for her trip to Arlington tomorrow and this letter is equally hers and mine. This is not in any sense an application for help, but a confidential inquiry as to the expediency of considering the making of an application.

I have not been able to altogether abandon the idea of paying you a little visit before the summer passes, and if you have any

questions to ask or if you think that the project worthy of any consideration whatever, I should be delighted to pour forth considerations.

I must not forget to say that Maggie's Rheumatism seems to have departed and she is quite herself again.

She joins me in loving remembrances

Yours faithfully,

George S Pratt

Letter from George S. Pratt, New York, New York, to Anne Whitney, 1899 June 27



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