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6 pages + 1 envelope


[printed return address] Church of the Archangel,

244 West 115th Street,

New York

[cancelled red 2 cents postage stamp] [partial postmark: NEW YORK MAR 25 5 PM] [postmark: Boston MAR 26 7-AM 1899 MASS. BACK BAY STATION 4]

Miss Anne Whitney

The Charlesgate

Beacon Street



[numeral 6 pencilled in upper left hand corner] 164, St. Nicholas Ave [deletion: Church of the Archangel, 244 West 115th Street] New York March 25th 1899.

Dear Aunt Anne At the request of all the interested persons, the Judge of the Orphan's Court in N.J. has appointed me Administrator of the estate, and I have qualified as such by a bond of $50,000,# given by the American Surety Co. of New York, the cost of which bond is $50, for the first year and $25. for each succeeding year. The conditions are, that all the securities are to be deposited in a double lock box in a safe deposit co. which can only be opened

in the presence of both an agent of the Surety Co and myself. Further, that I must open a separate account as trustee in a Trust Co, and finally that all my acts as administrator are subject to the approval of the Company.

It is also clearly understood in the family, that the responsibility of acts such as making investments and of any action shall rest with Frank and Margaret, and that I am in effect simply their agent to carry out, under the approval of the Surety Co their wishes.

I have as counselor Mr. Fredrick E. Barnard of the firm of Barnard and Estes a man whom I have known all my life and a man who has the esteem and confidence, as a strong and conservative lawyer of such men as John E. Parsons, and other eminent lawyers -

These are in general the conditions only upon which I was willing to give any serious [overwritten] consideration and finally to accept the appointment

Mr. Parsons to whom we submitted the matter

of getting an administrator, on the death of Mr. Kingsley, recommend this administratorship in connection with a Surety Co, as the safest and most satisfactory way known, and Mr. Wm R. Peters who next to Mr Parsons, Maggie and her mother desired to have appointed Administrator, entirely agreed with Mr. Parsons that I should be appointed and Mr. Peters told me that in his will he had made a similar provision for the administration of his estate appointing a member of his family Mr. Peters is a man of large wealth, a brother of our Rev Dr. John P. Peters,

[printed letterhead: Church of the Archangel, 244 West 115th Street, New York]

Mr. Peters would have considered the matter of his being appointed to the trusteeship if it was desired, but he was entirely of the opinion that it would be better for me to be appointee as in that event the heirs at law would practically have the management of their own affairs, which was, in this case the proper way.

I write all this being sure that the family would like to have you know, as I myself am desirous of

having you know the precise conditions upon which I was willing to be appointed and upon which my appointment was made.

We are all in usual health, Mrs Whitney has gone to an illustrated lecture at the Natural History Museum and Margaret has gone down to Canar Hospital to arrange for some music for the convalescents.

With best regards to Miss Manning I am as ever yours most affectionately George S. Pratt

Letter from George S. Pratt, New York, New York, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1899 March 25



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