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7 pages + 1 envelope


[Postmark: NEW YORK MAY 3 3PM]

[written in pencil up left side: G Pratt]

Miss Anne W [torn envelope]

"The Charlesgate'

Beacon Street



[postmark: BOSTON MAY 4 6 - AM 18 98 MASS BAC STATIO]

203 West 103d St

New York May 3d 98,

Dear Aunt Anne

Your encouraging and stimulating letter written on April 3d was much heartily welcomed.

"Emancipated" correctly characterizes the situation, and to have things ones own way does sweeten toil.

I am not sure that you know that Margaret and her Mother are still in Santa Barbara, and

that if all continues to go well with them they will start out on their homeward way tomorrow, (the 4th). Irene Whitney has been suffering from a bronchial cold, but was up ad able to be about her room a week ago - so as I have said if things have continued to go well with them they will start tomorrow.

Of course all New

York is caught up in the great war of enthusiastic joy over Admiral Deweys splendid performance and all waiting with intense interest for the details and news of the present state of things

Whatever other changes there may be in your Shelburne home, it goes without saying that the personalities of the hostesses will remain the same - what Puritanism: what unblush-

unbelief! what unterrified faith! what relentless demands that, your friends and neighbors at least, shall bring forth nothing less than the very highest things that are possible for them! What wonder if a rather catholic minded priest should instinctively turn to the strong mountain air and the knoll atmosphere to help burn out the Shilly Shally

and build up better nerve and fiber for the stress of the battle!

The whole Archangel question remains about as it was a month ago. At Dr. Peters suggestion, I have not yet offered any resignation to the St Michael's Vestry, and so, so to speak, burned any bridges behind me. and if I do so, as is probable, the resignation is not to take effect

until the first of October - which is a generous arrangement to the end that I may draw my salary from St. Michael's until that time. and in the mean time I can give a large portion of my time to the Archangel interests.

My foremost Archangel vestry man has gone into camp at the head of his company

and also two bright young fellows have enisted in his company as privates.

My love to Miss Manning

Yours affectionately

George S. Pratt.

Letter from George S. Pratt, New York, New York, to Anne Whitney, Boston, Massachusetts, 1898 May 3



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