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11 Jany. 77

My dear Miss Whitney

You must not think my delay to accept your generous offer - neglect.

A sprained wrist, which still makes writing painful - talking all the time in other towns & on all topics in this - have prevented

my attending to anything but most pressing tasks.

My heart thrilled at the thought of having your Sumner as companion in my study - my great joy is to look up from work to some loved face, & what rendering if my old friend's look can be

so agreeable as yours? It will be a perpetual delight & most welcome companion.

Many & hearty thanks for your kind thought of me - beside it gives me a chance to show my Ann what I have almost wearied her with praising - now she'll see & join -

To one old play fellow of Sumner's you have given a new pleasure in creating such a living picture of him in one of his best moods.

Sincerely & faithfully

Wendell Phillips

Miss Whitney.

[written in pencil up the left side of the page: Wendell Phillips]

Letter from Wendell Phillips, to Anne Whitney, 1877 January 11



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