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Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

Nancy Genero


Survey data collected from 67 female college students attending a prestigious single-gender institution were examined in order to ascertain to what degree women in a single-gender college environment are aware of math gender stereotypes. The results indicate that the majority of the participants were aware of a math gender stereotype. Furthermore, participants also reported awareness of three different stereotype categories: traditional math gender, competitive, and negative personal characteristics. An association was found between stereotype category and college major, whereby a higher percentage of psychology majors reported awareness of both the traditional math gender and competitive stereotypes compared to neuroscience majors. Additionally, the stereotype category with which one reported an awareness had several implications, the most notable of which being that individuals who reported an awareness of a competitive stereotype also reported a higher mean level of work-related stress. A predictive relationship was also found to exist between the competitive stereotype category and work- related stress. The implications of these results are discussed.