Department or Program

Theatre Studies

Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

Marta Rainer


I am exploring the themes of religion, foreignness, and queerness through writing and performing a solo show about a girl’s journey to become a saint in 17th century Romania. Sfânta (Holy One) is a solo show set in Vărzăreşti, Moldova in a 17th century convent. The show follows the story of Teodora, a novitiate who wants to become a Saint not so much for the enlightenment as for the fame and recognition. Teodora's path to sainthood is blocked by Gheorghe, who is undeniably a bro and unfortunately her betrothed, a budding romance with shepherdess Iosefina, and an impending Ottoman invasion. This project was performed in the Wellesley College Chapel in April 2018, won the Pamela Daniels Fellowship, and will be performed at the Minnesota and Philadelphia Fringe Festivals this summer. In this thesis I discuss my process, from conception of the project all the way to closing night to my next artistic steps.