Department or Program


Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

Alexandria Smith

Additional Advisor(s)

Claudia Joskowicz

Additional Advisor

Nikki A. Greene

Additional Advisor

Laura Grattan


What does it mean to know revolution yet hold no possession of the very nature of disrupting possession itself? To be nursed from body to body, and have shaped by language the repressed and the scorned. To exist of dreams, of egos, of an unattainable beyond. To honor, to hold to self-inflict, and to allow trauma to shape our origin.

Of Tigers and Panthers derives the experiences of those born of the dreams of their most revolutionary ancestors. It echoes the immense sadness felt as they watch us grasp onto the crumbs of their material and folkloric selves. It speaks to a grand confinement of our creative potential as we hold their pain.

This work of prose actively subverts the way in which we learn to voice histories, and is a departure from more western forms of linear storytelling. It is built upon political theory, oral history, and realities imagined and lived. There is intention behind every word.